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Minecraft: Ways to obtain Swift Sneak. If you want to discover a method to stroll and proceed quickly in Minecraft, then stick to our swift way on how to get Swift Sneak enchantment.

As of Minecraft 1.19 version, also called The Wild Update, Mojang has displayed a brand new kind of non-renewable enchantment Swift Sneak. It lets the users enchant their leg pieces, helping them to move quickly while sneaking.

Our guide will give you some of the ways how to obtain Swift Sneak in Minecraft. You will take in that there is only one location where it can be obtained, and it is slightly threatening.

How to obtain Swift Sneak in Minecraft

Swift Sneak enchantment has only one origin in Minecraft, which is loot chests into the ancient cities.

One can get everything about how to discover and live the ancient cities in our complete guide.

Once you have received a Swift Sneak enchantment book, you can put it to the leggings at the enchanting table, which can be created by making use of the following recipe:

  • 4 Obsidian
  • 2 Diamond
  • 1 Book

There exist five tiers of the Swift Sneak enchantment. Each and every tier gives an excessive rate of increasing speed.

Rate of the speed of each tier

  •  I: 45%
  •  II: 60%
  •  III: 75%
  • IV: 90%
  •  V: 100%

It is also essential to note that Swift Sneak enchantment not only improves the walking speed but also increases the speed of crouching. But, only a 15% increase is seen in the speed of crouching.

Other exciting pieces of trivia state that at first the Swift Sneak enchantment was presumed to be put into the boots of the player’s character, yet the ultimate release demands that the player enchant his leggings alternatively.

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