Netflix Video games will not cost you extra

Netflix Video Games

Netflix video games – According to a job listing for the Director of Product Innovation, Interactive, the company wishes to produce more content similar to the 2018 episode of Black Mirror, called Bandersnatch, which Netflix launched on its platform in August.

It may not be as dramatic as many expected that Netflix’s plans for gaming would change the platform. As indicated by a job listing on Netflix’s website, the company’s new Interactive department intends to augment existing content rather than add a whole new subscription tier. Netflix hired gaming veteran Mike Verdu earlier this month, leading many to speculate about a new video game streaming service.

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In the meantime, a job listing for the Director of Product Innovation, Interactive. It indicates Netflix is looking for more content like the 2018 episode of Black Mirror, Bandersnatch, which it launched on its platform in 2018. The ending of Bandersnatch was there by choice of the audience. The movie was interactive and connected to a game. A feature such as this is prominent in video games, enticing users to return to the game repeatedly.

More into Netflix Video Games

Streaming giant Netflix has hired Mike Verdu as VP of game development to expand video games beyond TV shows and films.
A source told Bloomberg that games for the platform would be available by 2022. The games will be shown alongside the current content. Similar to documentaries and stand-up comedy specials, and are likely to be free.

Therefore, According to Moneycontrol, the report has not been independently verified.
The source added that Netflix had already begun advertising on its website for game-development-related positions. The gaming team will be built over the coming months.

It is just one of the moves Netflix is taking to grow in saturated markets like the US. E.g., a new kids programming line-up and a deal with Steven Spielberg for big movies. While this was the case, HBO Max and Disney+ added fewer subscribers than expected.

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