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Netflix’s new ‘Play Something’ is here to solve all your streaming issues. This new feature automatically provides the users the list of shows to watch. With the help of this feature, a revised list of all your favorite shows and web series will get displayed on the window.

Netflix’s new ‘Play Something’ – Ends All Your Search Needs

The button will be available at several places in the app. Just below your profile when you log in. On the left side of the navigation bar where content can be saved for later viewing. And also at the 10th row of Netflix’s homepage where the thumbnails of various shows and movies are curated.  The company has already introduced the users with this feature earlier but with a different name that is ‘Shuffle Play. But this ‘Shuffle Play’ feature was actually for testing and not for actual use. The Netflix ‘Play Something’ button is now officially available on the app for users access.

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Best Recommendations with ‘PLAY SOMETHING’

Initially, this feature is available on the TV-based Versions of the Netflix app but soon it will be available on Android Version too. This feature will end all your searching needs and will automatically present a plethora of recommendations to choose from. Netflix, being one of the most popular streaming platforms across the world always try its best to deliver the best content to its users along with providing an enhanced user experience.

This ‘Play Something’ button does not provide you with a list of random suggestions, instead, the recommendations are based on the user’s existing profile, current watch and taste so as to cater to the entertainment needs of the users. It will also keep you informed about the new arrivals and current trending shows and movies. This button by providing the algorithmically curated content will help you in exploring the wide variety of content and will definitely improve your watchlist.

So are you ready for an amazing Netflix Party? Do let us know your favourite choice by Netflix play something feature in the comment section.

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