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New Download Manager, Interface As Telegram Updates


Telegram has come up with new updates such as New Download Manager, Interface, and streaming services option. Telegram,  which is one of the popular messenger applications has got a new version. This latest version includes a new download manager for iPhone users and a semi-transparent UI for Android users.

For iPhone users, there will be a new symbol in the app’s search bar while data is downloading. Users can stop, restart, and adjust the urgency of files by hitting the icon or navigating to the ‘Downloads’ section in Results.

Additionally, the files menu on iOS will get revived to more scope of the relevant Android layout. The portfolio will get an update that will include the in-app cam. Also, there will be a new search bar that provides easy accessibility to pictures, files, GPS tracking, and other features.

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Latest Updates On Telegram

As a user, you will be able to see previously sent documents on the Files tab. However, you can search for files by name. Tabs & headlines on Android feature a hazy look in Night Mode. This will make chat conversations and multimedia partially apparent through tabs as users navigate across the UI.

The best thing about the update is that telegram’s Live Streaming feature is also updated. It allows streaming from telecast tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster. These also allow streamers to include overlays, multi-screen layouts, and many other features. All this is in addition to any other modifications to the application’s UI on iOS, Android, and macOS.

Members will be able to generate a t.me hyperlink for personal phone numbers. Once they will click they will immediately launch a chat with them. The application will also enable users to create other t.me links. This time these links will allow users to access profiles, posts, and public conversations without downloading the Telegram app.

The founder Pavel Durov states his priority to the privacy of Ukrainian users via posting a message on his telegram channel. He wrote regarding his Ukrainian lineage from his mother’s side in the text. Not only this he includes how he leave Russia and VK, a social networking firm he started because he refused to cooperate with the Russian spy agency FSB.

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