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New features in WhatsApp are coming including new color Scheme



new features in WhatsApp

Several new features in WhatsApp are reportedly in the works for WhatsApp. Using the app will be a whole lot more enjoyable now that the latest quality has been revealed. The message reactions are being developed by WhatsApp, according to reports. Reacting to messages will be possible with this feature. The emoji can be used to express what you feel about a message. On Instagram, Twitter, and iMessage, you can already add reactions to the news.

The best new features in WhatsApp.

It was spotted during beta testing, according to Wabetinfo. The users requested updated versions of WhatsApp beta to see the response to their messages. WhatsApp is introducing reactions as its first messaging feature today. In a statement, you can place an emoji to express your emotions, which is a reaction. According to the report, iMessage message reactions were implemented on Instagram, Twitter, and Wabetainfo.

This feature is in its early stages of development, according to the report. An update to notify users that their version of WhatsApp does not support reactions is being developed by WhatsApp. In such cases, users will not be able to see the responses sent to them, but WhatsApp will notify them of the reactions they have received. Wabetinfo has not revealed how the emojis appear in the screenshot. Android beta users have spotted the feature on WhatsApp. It will be available for iOS and Android users, however.

Beta testers can access the beta version of the feature, which remains under development at Wabetainfo. There is still no update on this feature from WhatsApp.

The Android app may also feature an ‘add to cart button for payments. According to the WhatsApp features tracker, a potential button can be placed next to the attachment icon on the chat bar. A new shortcut will allow users to send payments more quickly in WhatsApp. In the past, you had to open the chat action sheet to send payments; now, WhatsApp places a dedicated button on the chat bar,” the Wabetainfo article stated. WhatsApp’s Android beta version has been spotted with the new addition.

WhatsApp is going to have a new color scheme.

The WhatsApp Android app is testing a new color scheme. Changes were spotted in WhatsApp’s Android beta app, which had brighter colors than before. Check out the beta app for Android to see what’s new. There is a good chance that WhatsApp will be updated soon publicly. 

Besides the background and the send button, the latest change is visible on every central interface element. Both the light and dark themes of WhatsApp can use the new color scheme.

According to WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the changes were found in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. New betas reveal a brighter color scheme that can be applied to both light and dark themes. A lighter shade of green now accompanies the hue. The difference between older and newer beta versions of WhatsApp is noticeable when you side-by-side them. As part of the new color scheme, WhatsApp is adjusting all major user interface elements. 

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