New Nintendo Switch Console Leaked, Everyone blames GameStop


For some weeks now, rumors about an enhanced nintendo switch system have flooded the internet from every side. Everything from the next nintendo switch specifications to its name and its pricing to its exclusive titles have been rumored and argued, but the newest leak may give some truth to a number of claims. What’s worth highlighting first is that Nintendo has issued no recognition to these reports. Thus their existence is still fully up in the air. Moreover, with reports that Nintendo’s primary pikachu games will be shown this week and February, a renowned leaker said that GameStop’s internal database has been changed with two new adjoining $59.99 Switch SKUs, or two nintendo switch games. According to rumors, nintendo switch console leaked by GameStop. 

nintendo switch console leaked- Know more

The leaker, Centro Pokemon, provides the image of the SKUs but no technique to confirm the image is available at the moment. A gamestop employee provided it to the source, although it was not the first time that an image of this sort was made. It passes the sniffing test on the surface level, but many other fakes in the past.

The image, shared by a store employee, shows the result of a system update at GameStop, where product SKUs are added to the database to prepare for official announcements. Amazingly, ten brand new Switch listings have appeared in this update, all currently set up to cost $59.99 – the full retail price for major-release titles.

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nintendo switch console leaked- Game Stop

A new nintendo switch, nintendo switch lite or Xbox X/S is a part of the above-mentioned consoles, with “New Nintendo Switch” also reinforced in the print. Tons of names have been floated about to enhance Switch. For example the Switch Pro, Switch Advance, and Super Switch, but GameStop seems to have lost its moniker. New Nintendo Switch is also known as a name and is not excluded from the naming conventions of Nintendo. 

Final Note

Take it all with a grain of salt here for now. Not only is it official, it is also true that GameStop uploaded two Nintendo Switch games to its database. Even though the information and the picture are decent. These switch games could be for Pokemon, but also for far less thrilling titles. You can get it from any online store, the nintendo switch in stock. Find the nintendo switch best buy here.

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