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New Nintendo Switch Games in February. A leaked image from a Japanese magazine, Nintendo Dream depicts that Nintendo will make a major announcement next month.

Twitter user Dededaio (as spotted by VGC) saw an image in the Nintendo Dream magazine that suggests that there may be a major announcement from Nintendo next month. Though we are not able to figure out from the game what the game is all about.

As translated by NME the excerpt says:

“April’s issue of Nintendo Dream will be released on February 22, 2022. In March, we will see the release of Kirby And The Forgotten Land and in this issue, we will share all the information we have on the game. Also, I have a premonition that a new title will be announced (if there isn’t I’m sorry). Our Sinnoh (a region in Pokémon) poll will also be announced.”

New Nintendo Switch Games in February

Information is very vague. While both Pokémon and Kirby are mentioned in the preview, these two are separate from the predicted new title announcement. According to the subject of the magazine, it is likely that it would be a major Nintendo franchise.

While it seems they are working on insider information. They are also unsure that it will be announced at that time. It may happen that the new announcement is for a lesser title, or that it doesn’t involve a first-party franchise only that it is coming to Switch.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land announced this month that it will release on March 25. Nintendo also shared a new trailer showing off Kirby’s two new abilities.

In other news, it has been revealed that Epic Games is backed by most US states over Apple App Store practices following landmark lawsuit.

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