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Qualcomm is soon going to reveal new technologies that will increase 5G connection and wireless audio. This will happen with the use of the Mobile World Congress. Qualcomm with New Qualcomm chips focuses on CD-quality audio for your earbuds. It is a known fact that sound is always important to outshine interactions. Snapdragon Sound technology introduces the best quality audio for your earbuds. The new capabilities, as well as the semiconductors that enable them, are expected to appear over the next iteration of earbuds and high-end Android smartphones later this year.

With the assistance of an Artificial Intelligence processor, the Snapdragon X70 5G modem-RF technology aims to optimize your phone’s 5G interface. This enables it to optimize 5G signal for efficient coverage, especially critical for mmWave transmissions, which have a shorter range. This is in comparison to the larger scope of low and mid-band frequencies.

Qualcomm claims that this advancement confines to the stadiums and blocks. Also, it does not overcome one of mmWave’s major flaws: the signal’s failure to go from outside to inside. Whenever there will be no mWave connection, the improved AI processor will upgrade sub-6GHz coverage and throughput as well.

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New Qualcomm Chips- CD-quality Audio for earbuds

The new audio capabilities are under technology is Snapdragon Sound. It includes a component that was mentioned last year. The wireless earbud assistance for 16-bit “CD-quality” flawless music via Bluetooth wireless. An individual may be able to experience 24-bit 96kHz high-resolution audio.

There is also a game mode with a latency of 68ms. It is 25% faster than Qualcomm’s existing technology. This captivates the 68 % – of smartphone users playing on smartphones.

Another new feature is the ability to record in stereo using headphones or other wireless devices. The most recent adaptable innovation (ANC) active noise cancellation from the brand is also a part.  This Qualcomm Adaptive ANC is having a design in such a manner that offers a powerful yet ideal UX. Hence, it adjusts to wind noise or leak-through based mostly on the user’s end. Moreover prevents howling noises, and maintains a reliable level of quality. 

Qualcomm aptX Voice Audio and Snapdragon Sound tech give exceptional speech quality with 32kHz sampled audio and a flat 16kHz frequency response including up to 3-microphone Qualcomm cVc Echo Cancelling and Noise Suppression (ECNS).

Final Note

Overall get ready to experience high-end audio quality foryour earbuds. All this is due to upcoming technology that redefines what sound should sound like.


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