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Nintendo for AMD tech to boost Nintendo Switch performance. The Nintendo Switch continues to be incredibly popular and the Nintendo Switch OLED model is making wonders too. One thing Nintendo hasn’t been focussing on though is performance.

Other Consoles like the Xbox Series X have FPS boost to improve frame even in the case of the most visually intensive games. On PC gamers can take advantage of Nvidia’s DLSS for performance improvements. But when we talk about Nintendo’s handheld, there haven’t been many gamers can do, until now.

Twitter user @NWPlayer123, has spotted an indication that Nintendo might be using AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution technology. This technology is to improve Switch performance in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo for AMD tech to boost Nintendo Switch performance

AMD’s technology employs an “advanced edge reconstruction algorithm”. This is to upscale the image meaning that the graphics processor can output a smaller resolution initially, then upscale it. This gives rise to higher FPS and a smoother experience that’s ideal for fast-paced games.

It’s been thought for a while that future Nintendo Switch hardware could make use of Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling. But FidelityFX Super Resolution is a valid alternative to that with current hardware.

Nintendo Switch performance

This is also open-source, free to use, and will work with the Nvidia Tegra X1 GPU currently in the Switch.

This shows that Nintendo is testing out the possibilities with Nintendo Switch Sports. And how much the performance difference that makes. Perhaps we’ll also see the technology employed in future games too.

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