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Nintendo halts Switch distribution within a few hours of Switch System Update 12.0.3

Nintendo halts Switch

Nintendo halts Switch distribution within a few hours of Switch System! The Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 update halted by Nintendo. The actual reason is not out yet. Nintendo’s Japanese customer support shared the first message about the suspension of the latest Switch system update on Twitter.

Nintendo halts Switch

Recently, Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 firmware update. The organization pulled the update within a few hours of the release and stopped appropriation for reasons unknown. As Nintendo Life features, this is the very first time the organization has pulled an update after going public.

New Nintendo Switch Update Is Live- Everything you need to know about the new Release

The update itself was not very useful; rather, it brought system stability improvements to improve the user experience, as stated on the official website of Nintendo. Because of the halt of the Nintendo update, there appears to be a lot of discussions on social media about what it means for Nintendo users. According to one user, the Nintendo Switch version 12.0.3 update appears to have broken the ability to download games and updates.

The customer support of Nintendo clarified that the Users who have updated to the current firmware may face network connection problems. In addition, microSDXC cards may have problems when used for the first time.

Nintendo Switch System Updates and Change History

Currently, neither Nintendo nor we can clear the confusion. The confusion regarding the redistribution of the update. It is definitely going to change the history of Nintendo America. OatmealDome, a data miner, released some information from the update. It appears to be a minor upgrade, the mention of SSL to create secure connections to a server corresponds to the rumors of download troubles.

Nintendo of America’s support page has also posted a notice stating that the “system updates and change history” section will be updated as soon as distribution resumes.

The message said:

“As of June 8th, we have temporarily stopped distributing system update version 12.0.3 (released June 7th, 2021 at 5:00 PM PDT). This message will be updated when the distribution is resumed.”

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