Nintendo Switch 2 could release before March 2022, report says


There have been a lot of updates coming up on the Nintendo Switch 2 front. The Nintendo Pro features, upgraded screen size, release date, and other rumors. The source of most of the information has been YouTube or Bloomberg. We have another update from Bloomberg that will make the gamers very excited. Nintendo Switch 2 could release before March 22!

Yes, you read that right! Nintendo Switch, being 4 years old now, the gaming world is very excited to see the next version of Nintendo. Compared to all the other previous possible release dates, this one has actually come with logical reasons.

Why Nintendo Switch 2 could release before March 2022?

The news that Nintendo is working on a 7-inch OLED screen, 4K output capability is not too old for all of us. The financial team of the company and the media are directly pointing towards these hardware upgrades to be the reason behind this delay in the release of Nintendo Switch 2.

Earlier there were rumors that the release date of the Nintendo Switch pro was March 2021. Some analysts have blamed the Covid 19 pandemic for the delay of the release. They said that the sales were downturn big time across the gaming world. In the words of Matthew Kanterman, from Bloomberg Intelligence, “With or without an upgraded Switch, Nintendo’s hardware sales would probably decrease in the year from April.”

To fight the possibility of a decrease in sales, new games will be released soon after the launch of the Nintendo Switch Pro. The marketing team of the company has come up with games like Splatoon three, Mario Golf Tremendous Rush, and an HD remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword to turn the situation in the company’s favor. There has been news that the Pokémon remake is also in line along with the first gameplay of Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

After integrating the plan of releasing new games, the company is expecting a huge increase in profits. The financial team is predicting a 45 million unit increase in their 205 million annual sales.

Final Note

The expectations and enthusiasm of gamers rise and fall with every new rumor. We are keeping our hopes high on this new release date of Nintendo Switch 2. The release of new games backing up the upgraded console with a huge screen and increased output capability is a good marketing strategy. It sure seems like a full-proof plan to make up for all the losses because of Covid 19.


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