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You must be wondering with the tittle-tattle all-around regarding the release of Nintendo Switch Pro. The users expect a pile of improvements with the new version of Nintendo Switch; Joy-Con enhancement is one of those.

Yes! There is chatter that Nintendo Switch Pro could have a Joy-Con enhancement feature along with many other expected features like improvement in graphics, power ability, and hardware updation too. We understand that it is the most awaited hardware improvement required by the users. However, there is no official confirmation by the Nintendo officials.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Design Changes

There are expectations that the design of the hardware will change. Along with that, we can expect a change in the design of the D-pad and circle-pad joysticks. It is the most closer element of the controller body than the Joy-Con control stick.

You can say that it is almost similar to the Nintendo 3Ds. However, the officials of Nintendo never reveal any information regarding Joy-Con drift or drift in rampant in their hybrid console.

Nintendo Switch Pro: Could It Fix Joy-Con Drift?

The D-pad is supposed to provide a better drift to joy-con’s joystick that provides four buttons for various directions. There is a reason that most of the users are expecting this change with the new release. There is much chatter about it in most of the forum and Reddit community. So, there is the belief that the officials will consider these suggestions.

As you must be family, it is one of the most awaited transformations we are expecting very patiently in the release of the next version. This drift actually causes the crash in between the game, which makes it difficult for the users to sustain and resume the game.

We are not saying that the company will work on this issue only. Instead, there are many issues expected to be resolved with the new release. But this one is awaited with more expectations.

There is no official announcement by the company officials, but they have released a patent that doesn’t confirm every change. However, we can get a fair idea of changes that are a matter of discussion within the organization.

Conclusion: – We have given a fair idea of changes we can expect with the release of the Nintendo Switch. As per those expectations, we can say that Nintendo Switch Pro could have a Joy-Con enhancement. Rather, we recommend staying tuned on our website to get more updates regarding the Nintendo Switch release.

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