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Nintendo Switch Sports ‘is not compatible with’ the Switch Lite. The online playtest for Nintendo Switch Sports might not work with the Switch Lite console, as per Nintendo. A line that reads “Nintendo Switch Sports Online Play Test is not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite” is presented in the rules of the beta test for the upcoming game.

Switch Sports was announced during the latest Nintendo Direct. A playtest will take place this weekend to evaluate technical aspects of the game. All those who want to participate in the test will need an active Nintendo Switch Online subscription. Also, a version of the Nintendo Switch other than , as per Nintendo.

But Nintendo Life claims that it tested “Nintendo Switch Sports on the Switch Lite with some Joy-Con” and said that this might be a case of “Nintendo being overly cautious here to avoid disappointment.”

Nintendo Switch Sports ‘is not compatible with’ the Switch Lite

This compatibility question could be jumping in an effort to ensure or at least encourage players to play Switch Sports on a big screen with free space for Joy-Con swinging rather than just anywhere to avoid accidents.

This is not the first case of games not working properly on the Switch Lite, either. 1-2-Switch and Super Mario Party are games that use motion controls and detachable Joy-Con in their functions.

Switch Sports ‘is not compatible with’ the Switch Lite

There is no surety that this incompatibility just affects the Nintendo Switch Sports online playtest and not the fully launched game. Either way, players will have to wait until the start of the playtest tomorrow. This is in order to discover if this is just a message from an overcautious Nintendo or a real rule that you can’t play.

Nintendo Switch Sports is set to be officially released on April 29.

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