Nintendo's contract workers

Nintendo’s contract workers are speaking up about poor conditions. Nintendo’s contract hiring practices are in the spotlight after weeks of contract employee accounts. This is good for the media. About poor working conditions at the company’s Redmond-area offices. These stories came after Nintendo and staffing partner Aston Parker was hit by a complaint from the United States’ National Labor Relations Board.

The most recent of these is from Axios, which interviewed several current and former Nintendo of America contractors. As per the data revealed by several employees. Nintendo’s reliance on contract workers comes hand-in-hand with incredibly tight oversight and harshness. Reactions to any time off. One former contractor told the outlet.

Axios indicates that words of negative stories.

Nintendo is making any major changes to its staffing practices at this time.

Nintendo’s contract workers are speaking up about poor conditions

Both Kotaku and IGN  gave similar stories in the last few weeks. Kotaku reported that the contract employees were being reprimanded by managers from the firms that act as middle people between them and Nintendo for even the most minor attempts to advocate for themselves. All these sites tell the practice of routinely hiring contractors for 10-11 month contracts, allegedly treating them like full-time employees but denying them essential benefits.

IGN also gave similar stories and indicated that how Nintendo and its partners treated partners allegedly changed around 2015.

If we talk about the Nintendo of America, its Japan headquarters, or the contracting firms that hired temporary employees that instilled these practices remains unclear. Most employees are domineering oversight from Japan HQ. Other employees call their managers from staffing partners like Parker Staffing and Aston Carter.

Nintendo of America’s relationship with both organizations sat at the center of all of these complaints.

We’ve reached out to Nintendo for comment on this story and will update it when the company responds.

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