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NOVAC Technology Solutions Makes Global Debut. NOVAC Technology Solutions, a top digital modification and cloud solutions company in Chennai, India, will be part of the GITEX Global (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) Summit to be held at Dubai World Trade Center from 10-14 October 2022. Ready to join the Fintech surge that is. The company, which has continued to innovate in many areas including Metaverse and immersive learning, debuts. In the global fintech software market with its 50+ leading companies in the country.

World’s most significant technology and startup event

Gitex Global is considered the world’s most significant technology and startup event with attendees from over 140 countries. Through this show, NOVAC will have a great opportunity to cultivate deeper international relations. Also, help other companies to understand their products and services better. Today, digital transformation companies offer a variety of services for different industries that address specific needs and problems. With a broad background in retail, finance, insurance, and e-learning, NOVAC now ventures into technology-enabled regions outside its home country to offer equally valuable and accessible software solutions. Gitex enables NOVAC to bring its pioneering ideology to the forefront. Of a vast business ecosystem, revolutionizing the digital transformation era.

Ms. N.S Commenting on this opportunity, Nanda Kishore, Director, and CEO of Novac Technology Solutions said: Participating in such global events greatly increases our opportunities for further development. In addition to the culmination of shared knowledge, we believe this will also enable us to strengthen our presence outside of India, especially in light of the Fintech boom. For an ambitious company like ours, we believe Showing off your expertise is very important.

NOVAC Technology Solutions focuses primarily on immersive learning, e-learning, and retail segments. Providing a favorable environment for digital transformation and learning management systems, and highlighting current trends and future prospects at the forum .

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