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YouTube channel users often ask questions like Can I change my YouTube channel name without changing my Google name? or Can you change your YouTube name without making a new account? As per the latest YouTube update the users will be able to update their YouTube channel without any issues. Google-owned streaming platform Youtube made it easier for the users to change theirs without making any alterations in their Google Account.

YouTube New Features 2021

The old method of changing the name was a little daunting and time-consuming. Users have to make efforts in changing both the name as well the profile picture of their google account in order to change their name on youtube. But this new update /feature has made this process very simpler.

This new feature not only changes the youtube profile of the user but also automatically alters their Gmail Identity. Swapping of profile pictures is also possible with this new feature. Chanel Branding can also be done at ease now.

This new feature though does not maintain the previous verification of your account. For example, if you make any changes related to your name on youtube then the verification related to your name will be automatically removed. You again have to carry out the verification process to get your account verified.

Despite being the subsidiary of Google, Youtube still tries to be independent in handling the loopholes and grievances and that is why it made the alteration process independent and simpler.

How to change YouTube channel name without changing google account name?

This option of changing the name is available on both Mobile as well as Desktop.

  • Steps to Change the Youtube Channel Name (Mobile Mode)

-Tap Channel name>Edit your name >Save.

  • Steps to Change Profile Picture (Mobile Mode)

-Tap Your Channel>Click Profile Icon.

  • Steps to Change the Youtube Channel ( Desktop Mode)

-Click Creator Studio>Customization>Basic Info and make necessary adjustments

Final Note

Now users will have a different channel name and profile picture than their Google account. This new YouTube feature 2021 has made it very easy to change youtube names without changing google names on iPhone and change youtube channel names on pc as well.

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