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In the United States, New York City is the most affluent place. It is now ready to get its own digital token (cryptocurrency). The mayor, Eric Adams, wants to make New York the next global cryptocurrency hotspot. For the same digital coin, NYC Coin is going to introduce in New York City. Adams has previously stated that once he wins the mayorship, he will collect his first three paychecks in Bitcoin, which is now the world’s largest cryptocurrency.

However, it is not the first. Miami is also having its own coin. Miami coin is the name of the cryptocurrency, and CityCoins was the first to launch both.

Before looking at all the details on Nyc Coin, New York City, getting its cryptocurrency, let’s see What CityCoins is.

What are CityCoins?

CityCoins’ city tokens are customizable tokens that serve as an extra revenue source for local authorities by allowing locals to mine them. The people who run the system get a part of the coins they create. NYCCoin is a cryptocurrency in New York City “A third of the money will go to the city’s wallet. New York City may collect the earnings in the wallet at any moment, “CityCoins asserts.

Anyone that chooses to support New York City while earning cryptocurrency may mine or buy NYCCoin using the Stacks protocol. The municipal currency is also customizable, which implies that developers may use NYCCoin to construct Web 3.0 apps, mint NFTs, and upgrade the city’s network right from their keyboard. 

Facts to Know

This is truly a remarkable decision by Adams’ choice to accept Bitcoin payments, and it has driven the establishment of New York City’s own cryptocurrency. The following are some interesting facts to know about NYCCoin:

  • As per the company’s statement, mining for NYCCoins will commence “after 20 different wallets show activation after contract deployment.” NYCCoin will be activated from mining, according to the business. It might not have an initial coin offering (ICO), a pre-sale, or a pre-mine. It went on to say that Adams’ words influenced them to choose New York City as their next mining target. 
  • NYCCoins are set up by City coins. It is an open-source protocol and a civic community. This enables shareholders to help their towns by increasing their crypto funds. This may be in hold while also earning money for oneself.
  • This has 3 main purposes, as per the CityCoins: activation, mining, and stacking. The website continues, providing innovative methods for consumers to help New York City and expand its digital treasury while earning Stacks (STX) and Bitcoin (BTC).”

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  • Anyone can mine CityCoins-NYCCoins. One need to send STX to a CityCoins smart contract on the Stacks blockchain and as per the CityCoins site, 30% of the STX mines will be given straight to the city’s reserve wallet, which is New York. “New YorkCoin is also customizable,” CityCoins stated in a statement, “allowing developers to enhance the city from their keyboard by utilizing NYCCoin to construct web3 apps, mint NFTs, or otherwise upgrade the city’s digital infrastructure.”
  • New York City is not the only city in the United States to do this. The move coincides with the debut of MiamiCoin as mentioned above, a cryptocurrency of Miami.  Since its inception in August of last year, this digital currency has made more than $21 million again for the city.


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