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One of Treasure’s ways to Nintendo Switch Online.Nintendo recently updated its Mega Drive offering as part of its Switch Online service. This is adding three new games – including two classics from beloved studio Treasure. Nintendo Switch Online

Alien Soldier and Light Crusader lead the way. The former is a boss-rush side-scroller that plays out as if Jeff Minter had a hand in a Gunstar Heroes remix. The latter is an action-adventure that sits apart from the rest of Treasure’s back catalog with its darker fantasy tone.

One of Treasure’s finest just made its way to Nintendo Switch Online

Also, one thing to mention here is that I’ve not played it anyway near as much as the rest of Treasure’s games and can’t wait to get properly acquainted with it now it’s on Switch.

Elsewhere, let’s not suppose that Super Fantasy Zone is also inbound today, and any excuse to play Sega’s cutesy shooting game. But one important thing here is what a treat to get some more of Treasure’s back catalog on the Switch’s service – now how about getting the whole lot on Switch somehow?

Nintendo Sneakily Filed A New Controller Patent Last Year

Nintendo is definitely one of the more secretive companies in the video game industry. It is also one of the biggest innovators when it comes to technology, too. So leave it to a small discovery to get people’s tongues wagging.

One Twitter user has discovered a patent that Nintendo made in July last year. This was then published in early January. How is that almost two months ago already!?

Nintendo Switch Online

The patent is available here, but there isn’t much to glean from the page except for a few juicy design concepts, which – to our eye – look a little bit like the top half of an N64 controller.

So what do we infer from this? Likely, not much, so don’t get your hopes up. But it’s always really interesting to see what ideas Nintendo wants to protect – like these hinged Joy-Cons back in 2019 that we still haven’t seen. We’ve also already got an N64 controller for the Switch, so what else could something similar bring to the table? For more tech-related articles subscribe to Techvivi.

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