OnePlus 9 series gets XPan mode to shoot Hasselblad camera-like pictures

OnePlus 9 series

Recently OnePlus 9 series announced an amazing feature. This will blow away everybody’s mind.OnePlus will release a new XPan feature via an OTA update. This is especially for its OnePlus 9 Pro and OnePlus 9 smartphones. The company has worked really hard with Hasselblad to bring this new and advanced feature to its latest phones.

This brand new camera model is developed in order to act as an alternate experience of using Hasselblad’s XPan camera. This XPan camera has offered the 35mm format. It also has the ability to switch to full panorama without having the need to change the film.Buy Hasselblad camera.

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When you will use the XPan feature on your OnePlus 9/9Pro, a bright frozen picture will first be visible. This will eventually develop into the final image.

Surprisingly the pictures with XPan Mode on this smartphone will utilize a 65:24 aspect ratio, just like the original Hasselblad XPan camera. Hasselblad camera drone camera.

The amazing feature will allow users to click beautiful images in two focal lengths of 30mm and 45mm making the effective use of the primary and ultra-wide shooters on the smartphones. Users will also be able to shoot panoramic images with the help of this, a preview directly from the viewfinder.

In addition, the photos by the XPan Mode will get cropped from the 48MP main camera and 50MP ultra-wide camera. Hasselblad camera drone camera.OnePlus 9 pro t mobile.

This will offer high-resolution images of over 20MP. Pictures by XPan mode will feature 7,552×2,798 pixels resolution on 30mm and 7,872×2,916 pixels resolution on 45mm.

OnePlus 9 series gets XPan mode to shoot Hasselblad camera-like pictures

Users can also shoot images in a black and white mode apart from color images with this new feature. OnePlus XPan mode in fact is in black and white by default. With the help of this users will easily be able to switch between color and black and white modes just as they want.OnePlus 9 pro tmobile.

One important point here is that this feature will most likely be rolling out in batches. It is recommended to check Settings manually for the update. Hasselblad camera drone camera.t mobile OnePlus 9 pro.OnePlus 7 pro mobile legends.

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Apart from this XPan mode feature, the update will also bring some much-needed camera improvements in various scenarios and multiple regular system optimizations for safer and highly optimized purposes.OnePlus 9 pro screen protector.

Final Note

OnePlus mobiles are always a matter of discussion among the mobile community and create a much-needed buzz in the market. Be it a new feature or a new design, OnePlus nailed everything.Buy Hasselblad camera.This new upcoming feature of OnePlus will definitely be an amazing one and will make OnePlus’s competitors tensed. In the upcoming articles, we will cover topics like OnePlus 9 Vs 9 pro, the OnePlus 9  pro case, the OnePlus 9 pro screen protector, etc. Subscribe to Techvivi for more such articles.

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