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OnePlus Nord CE 2Lite 5G reviews



Users are happy with the new OnePlus Nord CE 2Lite 5G phone. A phone is an affordable option for under Rs 20,000. One of the most important areas in which the smartphone brands need to focus is the cost of the phone. Smartphone manufacturers need to take a middle route to manage the cost of production so that buying a phone doesn’t feel like a financial liability to the buyer. It is possible for the brand to offer a phone that is practical in every way but also will not be a burden on the buyer. It should be reasonable. Here is what Nord CE 2 Lite 5g is offering you.

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Design and specifications of OnePlus Nord CE 2Lite

From the in-hand feeling to talking about the general design of the phone, Nord is the typical Oneplus phone. The design of the phone is elegant with a seamless finish. There is no confusion around the fact that it is a big phone with a 6.59-inch screen. Though the size of the screen is bearable and can be used with a single hand. The negative point about the phone is that it is a little heavy and is not pocketable. The back of the phone is made up of polycarbonate with a smooth matte finish. This you will not notice if you are a new OnePlus user. The iconic alerts slider is missing from the Nord CE 2 Lite. 

This is the distinctive feature and a trademark of OnePlus phones. What else you get in the smartphone is a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a fingerprint scanner that is built inside the power button. Additional features are a SIM tray that has room to accommodate two SIMs and a microSD to expand the memory of the phone. At the bottom of the phone, you will get a USB-C port for charging or sharing data.  The phone is available in blue and black dusk variants. The audio quality of the phone is okayish. The refresh rate of the phone is 120Hz, which enhances the performance of the phone. The display is AMOLED featured, delivering rich color contrasts to watch movies and shows.

Final Note

The new OnePlus Nord CE Lite phone is the new flagship phone of OnePlus. The speaker quality of the phone is not very good but the 5000mAh battery deserves the price. The price of the phone is Rs. 19,999, which is very reasonable for a OnePlus phone.


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