Opera GX Mobile browser for games for both Android and iOS

Opera GX mobile browser

The Opera GX Mobile gaming browser is based on the Opera GX desktop browser. Opera Software, the maker of Opera, launched Opera GX for desktop in June 2019. In the first beta version, the gaming browser is now available on the mobile platform. This browser will be open publicly in a few weeks. Opera calls it the first mobile browser for games.

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Opera announced Opera GX Mobile gaming browser launch on Android and iOS through a press release. The device features GX Corner, Fast Action Button, vibration, haptic feedback, and Flow. Opera GX Corner is the home page of Opera GX Mobile, and it shows gaming news, deals, and discounts, release dates, and trailers for Windows, Mac, Linux, and consoles, as well as filters for VR.

What’s more in Opera GX Mobile?

Opera GX Mobile browser replaces the three-button navigation bar at the bottom with a single button that can be tapping and holding. In addition, FAB features vibrations and haptic feedback when interacting with control elements. A mobile device can be synced with a PC with the Flow feature, allowing both desktop and mobile experiences to be synced.

The desktop version of Opera GX will be via QR code by scanning a mobile version of the software. The app is a “chat-like space sharing between your mobile device and computer browser that lets you send files, links. Also you can share YouTube videos, and photos and access them at any time from the connected device or computer.” It works with files up to 10MB in size.

Also, GX Classic, Purple Haze, Ultra Violet, and White Wolf are the four-color themes available for Opera GX Mobile. For instance, other features include an ad blocker, cookie blocking, cryptocurrency protection, pop-up blocking, and pop-under blocking.
Currently, Opera GX Mobile is available on Android and iOS, with its public release coming soon.

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