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Own an Xbox Series X or S? Here is good news for you! Blizzard silently rolled out upgrades for Overwatch on Xbox Series X and S and on the other hand there is no update for PS5 users.

In Overwatch’s March 9 Patch Notes on the Blizzard’s forums, this was leaked. At the time when fans are curiously waiting for Overwatch’s sequel, it is a surprise for Xbox X users. In 2019 Blizzard announced Overwatch 2 but didn’t reveal any specific details about the anticipated title. As expected the upcoming Overwatch will feature both returning and new avatars along with PvE missions.

Well, via a post Blizzard offered details regarding the new performance upgrades that are ready to hit the Xbox Series X and S:

  • Resolution: Series X: 4K @ 60Hz, Series S: 1440p @ 60Hz – “This mode prefers higher-resolution output at the cost of some image-quality”
  • Balanced: Series X: 1440p @ 60Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 60Hz – “This mode prefers image-quality at the cost of resolution”
  • Framerate: Series X: 1440p @ 120Hz, Series S: 1080p @ 120Hz – “This mode prefers higher frame-rate at 120 frames-per-second at the cost of both image-quality and resolution”

Blizzard is pretty much concerned about the original Overwatch and at the same time working hard to complete the development of its sequel.

Though Blizzard has tightened the lips about the sequel of Overwatch, it is expected that fresh information will be available in the coming months.

It very well may be astonishing to see that a devoted exhibition overhaul for Overwatch on present-day supports is as of now skipping PS5. It’s reasonable to expect that upgrading the game for a solitary PS5 framework should’ve been an easier assignment than building up an update for two diverse Xbox reassures. In actuality, however, designers by and large think that it’s simpler to fix games for Series X/S first since it’s simply an issue of opening consoles’ force, while PS5 normally requires a local port. And keeping in mind that numerous players are totally dumbfounded with respect to why PS5 was overlooked, an update for Sony’s reassure is without a doubt just around the corner.


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