PC Gaming Must-Haves

PC Gaming

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a loved one who is a gamer as well, but has no idea what to buy, this list of PC gaming must-haves should give you enough choices with varying budgets. 

1. High-resolution monitor

You have A LOT of choices when it comes to gaming monitors, but if you have an unlimited budget for this, splurge on a model with high resolution (a 4k ultra-high resolution) that’s 28 inches in screen size (or higher). Find monitors with multiple ports so they could accommodate your game consoles while you play on the PC. 

Check ultrawide or curved monitors to maximize your gaming experience.

2. Second monitor 

If you’re not a fan of ultrawides and curved displays, you can splurge on a second monitor for your gaming setup. For those with limited space, a vertical monitor could easily solve your dilemma.

3. Gaming chair

You’re going to be spending hours, you need to have a comfortable, sturdy, breathable chair. This must-have item is best bought in-store so you have a chance to try it on before buying. 

The Secretlab 2020 Titan model or AndaSeat T-Pro 2 are the creams of the crop when it comes to gaming chairs, but they’re expensive.  

4. Bluetooth Gaming Controller

If you’re playing on the PC, you can always use your keyboard and mouse. But if you’re really serious about seamless controls, invest in a Bluetooth controller like Microsoft Xbox’s Core controller with 4 triggers, 4 face buttons, 2 analog sticks, and a directional pad.

5. Game controller charging dock

Gaming controllers need to charge since they can only last 30 hours of gameplay. But if you don’t like worrying about batteries, buy a charging dock so you could juice up both controllers at the same time in under 2 hours. 

6. 4k Webcam

For gamers who are live-streaming their gameplay on Twitch, Facebook Game, or YouTube Live, you need to have a high-quality webcam such as Logitech’s Brio or Razer Kiyo Pro. These webcams are designed specifically for streaming 4k video without hassle.

7. Microphone

Yes, the webcam already has a microphone. But if you’re publishing your video to the world, they deserve a professional mic that can produce clear and noise-free audio for you.

Start your hunt with Shure MV7, HyperX QuadCast or the Razer Seiren X USB Streaming microphone.

8. Headset

You have hundreds of options for gaming headsets, but you have to find one that has impeccable audio and provides the best comfort for you. There’s no point in buying the best and most expensive if you’re not comfortable wearing them throughout your game, right?

9. Mechanical keyboard

People new to gaming or the “outside world” may think of mechanical keyboards as unnecessary luxuries. However, for actual gamers, the technologies of mechanical keyboards like anti-ghosting are worth your money. 

10. Gaming mouse

You won’t know the difference between your work mouse and a mouse designed for serious gaming until you make the switch. 

And once you feel the light weightiness, the convenience of the ambidextrous mouse, and the cool factor of programmable RGB lights, I’m sure you won’t go back to the old school mouse. 

11. Ergonomic mat

Many people who have substantial amounts of time on the computer develop the dreaded wrist callus. It’s non-threatening, but definitely annoying and with an extra-wide, durable, and ergonomic mat, you can avoid developing one completely. 

12. Stereo speakers

If you’re not a headset-kind-of-guy, you’d enjoy gaming better with a solid set of stereo speakers. I’m sure you know these don’t come cheap, but if you invest in a branded one, it will definitely last longer.

13. Steering wheel 

Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Racing Wheel or the Racing Wheel for Nintendo Switch are accessories racing fans would love to have.

14. HDMI splitter

If you keep on switching between your Xbox and PS4, you can avoid entangling your cables regularly by using an HDMI splitter. And this works with any two devices beyond your gaming consoles as well. 

15. 46-Key Single-Handed Gaming Keyboard

If most of your games don’t really need your entire keyboard, a one-handed mechanical keyboard can be more than enough! It’s comfortable, versatile and looks super-cool.

16. Multifunctional Accessory Holder

If you have a headset, game controllers, and other bulky accessories eating up space on your table, buy a multifunctional accessory holder (preferably with a tower design) to organize your gadgets.

17. Blue-light blocking glasses

For people who have no prescription glasses, buy and use blue-light blocking glasses to protect your eyes while gaming. 

18. Heated Massage Pillow

Yes, one problem with an extended stay on the computer is back pain. Fortunately, with gadgets like this heated massage pillow, you’ll get relief while enjoying your game. 

19. VR gaming system

The VR craze is over, but if you want to experience a different adventure in the comfort of your own homes, a VR gaming system like the one from Oculus Quest will definitely give you an “out of this world” experience. 

20. Fast Wifi Router and Wifi Extender

A better, faster router can improve the connection from your ISP’s modem connection, which in turn, makes your gaming experience better. 

If your computer is far from the router, buy a Wi-Fi extender for a better coverage in wide open area and Wi-Fi dead zones. 

Many of the gadgets above are not essentials, but they could make your gaming experience more comfortable, organized, and definitely more enjoyable.


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