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Call of Duty is a first-person shooter video game that bought new advances to the genre and is now letting players to play free call of duty online. COD is designed by Infinity Ward, an American company, and is produced by Activision. It won much game of the year awards after its debut in 2003. The game used World War II as its setting, allowing players to experience the real war with the eyes of British soldiers and American Soviets. Moreover,

COD’s solo play featured a cast of computer-aided allies to imitate real war. In the game, a soldier rather than fighting alone, plays as a part of a team. Moreover, the ability to relive the fallen comrade, aim and fire bullets, and be realistically stunned by an explosive are some highlights. These distance the game from its competitors.

After the release of COD: Modern Warfare 3 in November, millions of copies were sold. With Americans buying 9 million copies that month. The trailer of its new expansion, Faceoff, is worth watching even if you do not play Call of Duty online. It portrays America’s relationship with wars and a glimpse of how war changes a nation’s identity.

What Play free Call Of Duty mean?

COD is offering its fans to experience a robust set of Zombies and a Multiplayer version during the season four reloaded. The Free access begins after the launch of Season 4 reloaded from 22 July and ends on Thursday 29th July. It offers players all their Black ops cold war weapons and global level progress unimpaired within the trial. The game also allows players to carry the progress of trials into the warzone.

Free access to cod, Call of Duty includes:


Mauer der Toten:

The access gives the ability to deploy to Mauer der Toten. This is a new Round based Zombies map and is the next chapter in the Dark Aether story.

Die Maschine and Firebase Z:

This provides users with the ability to turn on the power, feel lively, upgrade the weapons at the pack-a-punch machine hitting the mystery box. Additionally, players can also expect something best from the box. You can even get the Hatchi Sword for free.


NukeJacked24/7, Paintball Moshpit, Party games, and more:

The Free access offers gamers everything they need and prefer. For a fast and energetic experience play Nuke Jacked 24/7 playlist, offering Nuketown 84 and Hijacked maps, and a simple team deathmatch too. The gamers can also try Party games and Moshpit for a classic feel. To enjoy battles, they can try 40 player Multi-Team or 12vs12 Moshpit playlist.

RUSH: Play free Call of Duty

The free week also features a mode: Rush, released at the beginning of the 4th season. Rush is a small map of 6v6 that takes place around as well as in a speedball course. The players can witness this in paintball moshpit and hardcore paintball. Rush also offers sound effects and impactful visuals.

An Exclusive PlayStation version (ONSLAUGHT)

The players can directly jump into this exclusive onslaught mode, and play a two-person team match against Zombies across multiplayer maps.

Due to the events and boosts like these, Call of Duty: Black Ops cold war is still regarded as one of the prime games of this era. The Franchise of Call of duty seems to look stronger than it has in the past, and it is unlikely to change in the coming years. The Zombies and Warzone, both are the backbone of the franchise apart from multiplayer mode. The game offers something for every user in Black Ops Cold War.


The game therefore seems to be able to ride the success of one game into the next. The installation of the game inches closer. But, before that, players can opt to play free Call of duty online: Black ops for free and experience the fever until 29th July. Just select the preferred platform, and Download to start playing.

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