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Sony thinks that we require AI to play games for us. This is true, Gamers! Now, we will welcome AI players. Sony is trying to create a technology that will allow AI to take over playing at PS5. Isn’t this interesting? AI would be able to learn the individual player’s style of playing. The technology would be able to take over the game when initiated by the player. This is shocking but it would help the players to tackle the obstacles. The news of Sony AI patent is increasing the PS5 stock prices.

Sony AI patent: How will the AI-assisted gaming work?

The system will make an individual gameplay profile after observing the player. After that, AI would be able to and determine the type of choices that the player might make during the game. Infact, AI will learn the genetic behavior of the player and will make the choices accordingly. As the technology is new the basic concept is not completely known. The patent also adds that “AI personal assistant” will be applicable both in single-player games and multiplayer titles.

Easy Ways You Can Keep Up with PS5 Stock Drop in Australia

The Ace Attorney game for PS 4 has an option with which players can simply watch play out, and the correct choices will be made by the AI. U Deluxe also allows players to get a level completed for them if they encounter an obstacle. This game does not use AI to learn the player’s style. However, it seems like the same idea.

In a multiplayer game, AI technology can cause some “controversy”. As some players would not find AI wins as legitimate. Earlier in March,2021, Sony filed a patent for a system that could turn bananas and other household items into PlayStation controllers.

Final Note

Gamers should not expect the AI technology, until Sony makes any official announcement. Moreover, if the company is able to make it possible, it will surely be a game changer. It would be interesting to AI-assisted gaming on PlayStation. The Sony AI patent and Sony AI prices are the talk of gaming world right now. Let’s wait up on the official announcement.

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