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Google Maps users have received a special update in India. Plus Codes now allows users to save and share their home address. Plus codes are alphanumeric codes that use latitude and longitude; that define a location in the format of an alphanumeric code. In this article, you will learn how Plus Codes can get the exact location of the house.

How Plus Codes Work?

This Google Maps feature will assist users in discovering their home’s accurate digital address. Delivery of food, medicines, and parcels can be quickly done using this method. Additionally, the plus code is unique in that it eliminates the need for users to share any landmarks or verbal instructions with the house address. You can share these Plus codes amongst users for better navigation.

Google Maps adds “Commute” tab and music integration

On Google Maps, the new update makes it possible to create a plus code for your residential address. The app will provide you the Utilize your current location option while saving your current location. One can easily generate the code with this plus code using the location of your phone. With a plus code, you can save the residence location  directly with Google Maps.

Plus Codes for iPhone and Android

The updated Google Maps experience is now available for Android users only. In the coming days, it would also be accessible for iOS users. Google mentioned in its announcement that this tool is created to provide precise residential addresses. Only a month ago, the company tested this feature in India.

Final Note

After Google’s last update, It has five tabs namely Explore, Commute, Saved, Contribute, and Updates. Users can get a feed of trending organizations from expert consultants and publishers by clicking on the Updates tab. Additionally, this page also connects consumers with businesses, allowing them to get quick answers to their queries using a chat feature.

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