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Kicked off on 1 April 2021, the Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 event was something you cannot give a miss. This one-day event has the ability to shake up the entire gameplay. It has turned an off-week into fun and dynamic. This even left trainers desiring for more and truly lived up to the hype. 

The Pokemon world is loaded with several tricky or mischievous pokemon. As a result of which this GO Tricky event was organized to bring some of the trickiest Pokemon like Aipom and Croagunk to life.

Niantic used a trickster holiday to launch this event and introduced some of the rarest spawns of the Pokémon community to add a thrill. 

This one-day event mainly comes with tons of exciting tasks for the Go Trainers such as fighting with Team Go Racket Grunts, catching some of the playful Pokemon, getting the Team Go balloons, and a lot more.

Let’s take an overview of this Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 event and get to know about the major elements that actually made the event super exciting. 

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A Look At The Features of Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ Event

  1. Accelerated Spawn Rates: This event included lots of wild spawns like Purrloin, Croagunk, Ditto, and Aipom.
  2. Snapshot: If the player takes the snapshot, then he will get a unique surprise.
  3. Team Rocket: Shadow Aipom is featured in all encounters
  4. PokeStops: Pokemon Go Tricky Event has increased Rocket takeovers.
  5. Timed Research: This is available between April 1 and April 8 and trainers will have to complete the task within this time. If they succeed, then they will get the completion awards.
  6. Go battle league: During an event, the switch time will cut off as a prank.
  7. Ditto: A new disguise will make its debut during Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 Event. Players will definitely don’t want to miss as ditto is fairly hard to find. 

Wild Spawns To Appear During Pokemon Go Tricky April Fool’s Event

There are a mind-boggling number of tricky and playful Pokemon out there. A couple of wild spawns that appeared during the Pokemon Go Tricky Event are:

  • Aipom*
  • Purrloin*
  • Croagunk*
  • Ditto

Those spawns who have the potential to be shiny are indicated with an asterisk. 

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Timed Research During Pokemon Go Tricky Event

While most of the tasks finished on April 1, the timed research will continue through 8th April 2021. The three tasks that trainers had to complete during the Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 Event are:

  • Conquer 6 Team Go Racket Grunts – 100 XP
  • Beat a team GO Racket Leader – 100 XP
  • Grab 5 Shadow Pokemon – 100 XP

The completion of tasks doesn’t go in vain as the players get the rewards for the same. Those who will get it done by April 8 at 11:59 pm local time will be awarded A Super Racket Radar to find Giovanni, 100 Stardust, and 100 XP. 

What Exactly Worked in Pokémon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 Event?

As now the event is over, let’s get to know what components exactly worked in this Pokemon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 event and made it successful. 

  1. Croagunk and Ditto: Unarguably, what exactly added a spark to this event and made it unmissable is the boost of these two rare Pokémon i.e. Croagunk and Ditto. It was nice to see the boost of these two relatively rare spawns for those who looking to shiny hunt or farm candies.
  2. Shadow Aipom: Yet another unique feature of this event is to witness the boost of shadow Aipom after Team GO Rocket battles.
  3. Increased Team Rocket: Last but not least feature that actually worked during this event is the increased Team Rocket. 

What didn’t work during the Pokemon Go Tricky Event?

While some features created a buzz during the Pokemon Go Tricky Event, there are lots of them that didn’t work at all and disappointed the players’ community. Let’s take a glance at some of them here.

  1. Wild Spawns: There are two spawns who were mainly focused during this event – one is Croagunk and another is Aipom. And if you are not interested in any of them, then this event was totally skippable. This event lasted for a single-day window and therefore, it offered limited spawns and rushed timed research. It has no new content to set the standard high.
  2. Team GO Rocket Research: The most disappointing thing for the gamers is the Team GO Rocket Research that was limited to one-page timed research this time as compared to the normal four-page special research. Why this stupid change has been made is still a big question for the players’ community. 
  3. Glitches: The Pokémon Go community seems to be experienced delays in getting Team GO balloons and the app restarted not once but many times to trigger a balloon to arrive. This glitch was the biggest flaw of Pokémon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 Event. Niantic must have thought about the same to make this event a big hit. 


Pokémon Go has continued its tradition of celebrating real-world holidays by organizing Pokémon Go Tricky April Fools’ 2021 Event. This prankster holiday event was a great hit for the game developers. It gave players a chance to catch ever-elusive Ditto. 

Those who participated also got their hands on a Shadow Aipom. While the organizers gave the players community seven days to complete the task, a lot can be finished on the prankster holiday alone. 

Happy Gaming!


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