Pokémon GO will Allow Trainers To Power Up PokéStops, Leak Reveals

Pokémon GO will Allow Trainers To Power Up PokéStops, Leak Reveals

The most popular and topmost online video game collects an amazing fanbase just by the concept of the game. Pokemon Go is the most versatile and prominent mobile game for both Android and iOS users. This game collects the title of a unique game of the world and it is happening just by the content of the game. The video game is increasing its fanbase on the daily basis just with the concept of the game. The game earns so much positive response from the gamers. As we all know that, nowadays video games are going to another level and every day there are several players who joined video games.

Pokemon Go is basically a game in which the player has to locate the pokemon for battle with each other. The players have to turn on the GPS in their phones to locate the pokemon near them which is in a virtual species. The genre of this game is a location-based game and virtual reality. Nintendo, Niantic and The Pokemon Company have developed this game. Till now, the company launched numerous pokemon creatures in the game. Gamers are expecting that the company will launch more and amazing pokemon in the upcoming days or in the upcoming Gen 6 Pokemon.

Pokémon GO will Allow Trainers To Power Up PokéStops, Leak Reveals

Pokémon GO New Leaks

The upcoming Gen 6 is the sixth generation of this game. There are around 72 new fictional creatures that will be added to the video game. Also, the company stated that they will add more stuff to the video game. This update will surely enhance the gaming experience for gamers. The developers of the game revealed some stunning and amazing creatures to Pokemon Go. Also, the developers stated that the new species will comes with a more shiny and bright face which surely loved by the gamers.

The official statement about releasing the species in the game is still not stated by the makers. It is highly expected that they will reveal very soon through an official statement. The unity version of Pokemon Go named 0.205.0 is released. This update of the game is already released on the app and carries some 3D models. The sixth generation of the game contains 72 new species. This update is the first instalment of the sixth generation and the others are on their way. The Mega Evolution of the game is also on its way with so many new interesting features.

Pokémon GO will Allow Trainers To Power Up PokéStops, Leak Reveals

Pokémon GO Mega Evolution

In a few months, the gamers will witness the brand new features of Mega Evolution. In this, the Pokemon X and Y, Alpha Sapphire and another instalment of the pokemon gen 6 is placed. The developer of the game mentioned that the upcoming Mega evolution contains several new events. The events are Mega Mewtwo X/Y, Mega Pinsir, Mega Mawile, and many more. The creators of the game always launch the update by taking a very long time. The gamers are always willing to garb the new update of the game.

The company launched always amazing and incredible update to enhanced the gaming experience of the gamers. The players are always curious about that what will be in the new update of the game. Now, the news is that the new update of the game will come with the tag of new mega evolution. In this, the gamers will surely garb the new species and creatures. Also, the gamers are willing to witness the Gen 6 Pokemon creatures. Stay tuned with us because we will continuously update bout the new and latest update about this game through our website.


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