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It’s always frustrating when you get outmatched by a more strong Pokemon, particularly for new trainers. The introduction of some very strong physical attackers in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has made that frustration all the more familiar. Terrastalization further compounds this issue, as you never know precisely what you’re attacking.

While physical attackers are the most familiar, they also have the largest spectrum for potential viability. With the introduction of Terrastalization, the best attackers aren’t always determined by their stats. Whether it’s via abilities or raw power, the material Pokemon of Paldea can throw some pretty strong punches.


When you require a physical attacker, Palafin actually does come to your rescue. Generation Nine didn’t just give us the long-overdue dolphin Pokemon that we’ve been requesting but also gave it an amazing new Ability as well. Palafin changes from a lovely dolphin to an aquatic All Might when you replace it with its Poke Ball and send it out again. The transformation is more than just appearance, as its stats go via a pretty heroic transformation as well.

It gets the most powerful base Attack stat of any non-Legendary Pokemon at 160, making it just as strong as Slaking but without its hindering Capacity. It also gets a signature preference move with a base strength of 60 called Jet Punch, permitting it to attack first when needed. Palafin is a super strong physical attacker, and has the potential to save the day just when you require it most!


Baxcaliber may glance like a discount Godzilla, but its mean potential is top-tier. This powerful Pseudo-Legendary boasts a whopping base Attack stat of 145 and the more strong physical Dragon-Type move, Gleave Rush, as its signature attack. Outside the Legendaries its typing is one of a type and gives it an edge over the other Pseudo-Legendary dragons.

What it lacks in Speed, it makes up for in raw strength, and since one priority Ice Shard from this icy, overgrown iguana can take out almost anything it is awesome effective against, it doesn’t always require to be fast. It also has a special ability that increases its Attack when hit by Fire-type moves, making it an incredible pivot for snowy teams. While it may not be as big as its kaiju motivation, as a physical attacker Baxcaliber towers over the match.


This sword-wielding snow leopard is a power to be reckoned with on the battleground. Its signature ability, Sword of Ruin, cuts down the Defense of all Pokemon on the field other than itself, letting it hit even more difficult with its 120 base Attack and lightning-fast 135 base Speed.

It’s an ability that can also be super useful for its physically attacking allies, particularly those with priority moves. While its Dark/Ice typing makes it a bit frail, its capacity to cut via competing defenses will leave competitors with nothing but chills.


Paldea’s ill-passionate evolution of Primeape packs quite a punch. While it may only have a bottom Attack of 115, its Rage Fist action makes it an ominous threat on the battlefield. Each time Annihilape is attacked, it boosts the power of Rage Fist by 50 points. This stacks up to six times for action with a massive 350 base power.

This causes a devastating impact that will send any opponent to the afterlife and knowing this means enemies tend to sidestep it. Annihilate also has a base HP of 110 and access to the action Final Gambit. This permits it to efficiently trade its life for that of one of its competitors, which can be a really good trade in specific scenarios — here’s glancing at you, Dondozo.

Roaring Moon

Salamence’s primordial predecessor isn’t only one of the finest designs of all the past Paradox Pokemon, it’s also one of the most powerful physical attackers. This lunar-shaped terror’s 139 base Attack stat gets a growth in the sun or with Booster Energy via its ability Photosynthesis. Integrated with its 119 base Speed, this makes it one of the most challenging threats for any trainer to eliminate.

Its Dark/Dragon typing is great offensively but has a huge weakness to Fairy-type. However, with Steel, Poison, Fire, or even Fairy-type Terastalization, it can keep its mean power and even counter its most common threats. It’s fast, it’s dangerous, and it’s by far one of the best physical attackers Paldea has to deliver.

Iron Hands

If you were ever wondered what a Dr. Eggman robot would look like as a Pokemon, Iron Hands is your answer. while, as a physical attacker, this Pokemon is no fool. This upgraded Hariyama can be handy for any team requiring extra attack strength. It carries an impressive 140 base Attack and can improve it further on Electric terrain with Quark Drive.

The extra STAB increase from its typing, the terrain, and Quark Drive integrated with the potential Electric Terrastalization sets Iron Hands up as one of the hardest-hitting Pokemon in all of Paldea. If that wasn’t sufficient, it’s also among the Pokemon with the most elevated HP at 154. This means that Iron Hands can survive in the fight and serve up seismic slaps often without going down.


Dondozo is one of the most impressive and special Pokemon we’ve ever seen, especially in double battles. This significant catfish has a hefty 150 base HP, and a subtle Attack stat of 115, but it can really serve some chaos with Tatsurgi on the field. When tossed out together, Tatsurgi hops into Dondozo’s mouth and presents all of its stats in two stages, and it can increase one of those stats again using its signature move.

Order Up can be used to boost its Attack, Speed, or Defense — based on Tatsurgi’s color. Dondozo also keeps Tatsurgi from standing attacked while in its mouth, and anything targeting Tatsurgi will naturally miss. While things like Haze and Clear Smog pose a major threat to this lake-dwelling legend, it has the possibility to counter them with a choice of Held Items or Terrastalization. Dondozo and Tatsugiri create low-mind games for their competitors, so it’s no surprise that these two have become a total menace in Battle Stadium doubles.


If you felt Garchomp’s reign of torment ended in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl, you would be sorely wrong. Garchomp is an excellent physical threat in Generation Nine for more causes than one. As one of the quickest Pseudo-Legendaries, it can totally bury its enemies before they even know what hit them.

An Earthquake from Garchomp has always been one of the most powerful physical threats in Pokemon, and now with the increase of Terastalization, that threat becomes even greater. Unlike Dynamax, Terastalization can increase spread moves, and Garchomp has one of the best. It’s a familiar threat on the competitive ladder and one that’s confident to give its competitors their smallest favored Gen Four flashbacks.


As a physical attacker, Meowsarada has more than a few schemes up its sleeve. As the fastest of the Paldean starters, it has the possibility to make competitors magically vanish before they even know what hit them. Its signature move, Flower Trick, may only have a base strength of 70, but since it never forgets and always lands a critical hit, it can one-shot almost anything it’s useful against.

Its concealed ability, Protean, not only permits it to take advantage of its various move pool but also further confuses things for your competitor with Terrastalization. With its speed, mean pressure, and type versatility, this sage mage is tough for any competitor to play around with.


Since Generation First, Dragonite and its 135 base Attack has always been one of the most powerful physical attackers, actually among other Pseudo-Legendaries. while, it has a distinct advantage in Generation Nine.

With access to excessive speed and a +3 priority move, it can guarantee it always attacks first. By adding a Choice Band and a standard Terrastalization, Dragonite can hit first and hit tough even in a Scheme Room. Who states you can’t teach an old dragon new tricks?

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