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The weather has been the main part of the Pokemon franchise for quite some period, and the exact is right for the Generation 9 tags Scarlet and Violet. These impacts include war bonuses for specific moves. However, some Pocket Monsters can also develop in specific pokemon scarlet weather effects situations.

For entirely fresh players or those bearing after quite some time, it’s not a poor idea to look at Scarlet and Violet’s weather impacts. While it’s currently possible to view the impacts of the recent weather through the in-game menus, these 2 Pokemon tags stop briefly describing the entire scope of each type.

It’s always most useful to know the full collection of impacts that weather gets in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Participants may never know when it’ll arrive in convenient.

Heavy Rain, Snow, and other weather kinds and their impacts on pokemon scarlet weather effects.

Harsh Sunlight

Harsh Sunlight isn’t usually noticed in the Paldea region inherently. However, coaches can activate it utilizing Pokemon with the capabilities Deficit/Orichalcum Pulse or those that can use the activity Sunny Day.

In Paldea, Orichalcum Pulse is the only power of the legendary creature Koraidon, but Drought can be inherent in many various species. However, there are more than a few impacts to anticipate when the sunlight outside brings overbearing:

  • Fire-type activities are boosted in power.
  • Water-type activities are diminished in power.
  • Activities like Solar Beam or Solar Blade no longer need to charge before being used.
  • Certain healing activities like Synthesis or Morning Sun restore more fitness.
  • Moves like Thunder or Hurricanes have diminished accuracy.
  • Orichalcum Pulse will improve or increase Koraidon’s attack stat.
  • Pokemon with the Chlorophyll ability will obtain a speed boost. 
  • Creatures with the Solar Power capability will earn a special attack boost but will lose some fitness/health.
  • Species with Dry Skin capability will lose health.
  • Pocket Monsters with the capability Leaf Guard earn immunity to all status conditions.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain is arguably the most standard weather state that participants will encounter in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. It can happen in many parts of the area.

Picnics cannot be fixed during the rain, which is also something to hold in mind during a participant’s adventure. while rain isn’t always wrong, as it arrives with more than rare upsides for specific species:

  • If Sliggoo classes up to level 50 or beyond in the rain, it can develop into Goodra.
  • Water-type attacks have their damage boosted.
  • Fire-type attacks’ damage is decreased.
  • Sunlight-dependent attacks like Solar Beam need an extra turn to charge.
  • Activities like Synthesis or Morning Sun heal less HP.
  • Thunder and hurricanes no longer rely on accuracy to hit.
  • Species with the ability Swift Swim earn a boost to their speed.
  • Creatures with capabilities like Dry Skin regain HP.
  • Any Pokemon with the ability of Hydration will cure itself of status conditions.


Seen usually in Paldea’s desert environments, sandstorms can be hazardous for a sizable no. of various species. However, particular species can profit from a good sandstorm, depending on their type and capabilities.

When used in combat, a sandstorm can be a true pain for an enemy and an advantage for the participant when utilized wisely. When the sand begins to fly, players will want to be familiar with these results:

  • Ground, Rock, and Steel-type Pokemon are immune to damage from sandstorms.
  • Rock-type species receive a boost to their amazing protection during sandstorms.
  • Sun-based healing activities like Synthesis don’t heal as much HP, but the activity Shore Up heals 50% of its user’s fitness.
  • Solar Beam deals decreased damage.
  • Rock, Steel, and Ground-type creatures with the capability, of Sand Force, get a damage boost to activities of the same type.
  • Creatures with the Sand Rush capability gain boosted speed.
  • Species with the capability of Sand veils gain advanced evasiveness.

In extra to discovering natural locations for sandstorms, Participants can utilize moves like Sandstorm or the Soundstream ability.


When participants create their route to northern regions of Paldea, such as the Glaseado Mountains, they’re heading to run into quite a bit of rough snowy weather. while this isn’t necessarily a poor thing, as snow can be rather beneficial for different Pokemon, though it’s a disadvantage for others.

Unlike shower from the last franchise labels, snowfall won’t damage Pocket Monsters. Rather, it has the following results:

  • Ice-type species have their defense stat raised.
  • Blizzard bypasses its precision.
  • Sun-based healing moves are less useful.
  • Species with the move Ice Body will recover HP each turn in combat.
  • Creatures with the capability Slush Rush will gain a boost to their speed stat.
  • Pocket Monsters with the capability of Snow Cloak will have raised evasiveness.

Keep in mind that in addition to discovering snow naturally, participants can also use activities like Snowscape and Chilly Reception or a Pocket Monster with the Capability Snow Warning.

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