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Production cycle of iPhone 14 stronger than desired. In contrast to previous reports of supply chain problems involving Apple. An analysis by global investment bank Morgan Stanley reveals a stronger-than-expected iPhone 14 series production cycle.

Utilizing data from lead times and pre-orders, a Morgan Stanley memo said there was healthy demand for iPhone 14 Pro models in the US and China, reports AppleInsider.

Fans of Apple

In China, fans of Apple identified more than 2 million rankings for the Pro series in the first 24 hours. While India was also flooded with pre-orders for the latest Apple devices.

“iPhone 14 has a fast lead time of six days, meaning low consumer interest in this model,” the memo read.

There is no lead time as the iPhone 14 Plus won’t arrive until October 7th.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo told the previous month that his chain of supply for the iPhone 14 series remains untouched by present geopolitical tensions.

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