PS5 Console Exclusive Coming to Xbox Series X Soon, Rumor Indicates


As per the new rumor, a PS5 games console, which was launched earlier, is currently arriving into Xbox Series X along with Xbox Series S. When PS5 was launched, Sony required several authentic and console exclusives; also, these consoles are coming into Xbox series X and Xbox Series S sometime between May and June.

Hence we bring to you the insight on PS5 Console Exclusive Coming to Xbox Series X.

As the rumor indicates, the game can probably hit on a couple of Xbox consoles in May or maybe in June. Also, now there are plans to make the match into Xbox sports Pass, even though it isn’t yet determined if that will beat the Xbox interfaces or come back later. What exactly is said is the game is coming into Google Stadia somewhat later. 

As there is no actual confirmation on the source yet, this comes in the bucket of rumor as well. Nevertheless, not one of the companies- Microsoft, Google, Gearbox, or a Counterplay game has made any remarks on the rumor and its claims. In case that changes, we’ll upgrade this content with every new information. Bookmark this link for the new updates.

Is PS5 Console Exclusive Coming to Xbox Series X Soon?

Though an information for the fans of Xbox, the games in the console does not include Marvel’s Spiderman, demon’s souls, and the other exciting games. But, there is a new rumor in the games section. It says that Godfall, which is an action RPG by the Counterplay games and also by the Gearbox is not appreciated by the players. This rumor came from an anonymous person on 4chan. But we say do not believe these rumor as they are just a part of daily discussion in the gaming world. It is a red flag in itself. Though 4chan has been leaking hints on very accurate information in the past, which have also included some genuine details too. Such garbage comes to the way at all. If we say in normal words, it’s just to ignore and not to take it seriously.

Now at such a level, in the world of gaming, a new collection of Google Stadia seems a bit odd. If we talk about rumors none of the new features are exciting. They are just ok as compared to the old consoles. But as per the developers and the other game builders, it can bring new great features in the game.


It’s hard to say how the situation will turn out. Microsoft has put so much money into promoting their new console in the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. It is highly possible  that other companies may not compete with Microsoft in this market. PlayStation owners have already started with the console building for Xbox Series X as per the rumors. If there is a significant hit or several significant hits, the Xbox could find itself struggling for either console. However, the future’s not set to be as rosy as you think. Its competitors are challenging Microsoft with the release of the new consoles in Xbox.


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