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PUBG Mobile looks a little like Fortnite for its 4th-anniversary celebration. We can see that PUBG Mobile updates are now on a two-month cadence, with the 1.8 update landing this past January. Well, March marks two months, and on top of that, this month is actually the fourth anniversary of the game. This tells us that this is a Vibrant Anniversary event, which coincidentally gives the game a Fortnite vibe. The update also brings with it colorful bicycles, new camps, and plenty of improvements, rounding out PUBG Mobile 1.9 updates.

PUBG Mobile looks like Fortnite

The star of the show is the addition of the Vibrant Anniversary. This awards players perks when coloring statues with four different colored balls. WE can also see the vibrant aerial battleground, where your headcover will grow larger each time an enemy hits you, but this is only available for the first 5-minutes of a match. This tells us that everyone will rush to this area to duke it out as heads grow. This is until they float in the sky. Obviously, this extra color in the game makes for a familiar look if you’ve ever played Fortnite.

Another new addition is the folding mountain bike. A colorful vehicle. It is a very nice bike and since it’s a bike, it’s relatively silent, making it the perfect vehicle for sneaking.

New camps are also in the mix. This is ranging from large-scale resource camps to small-scale resource camps, military-themed camps, and a firearms depot. A thing of improvement is also here, with Classic mode improvements and map improvements, along with improvements to the game’s mechanic, controls, settings, and the Aftermath map.

PUBG Mobile looks a little like Fortnite for its 4th-anniversary celebration

Just like all the other PUBG Mobile updates, not everything will be available today. Where Royale Arena: Assault (a random area that will become a 4v4 combat zone) will be available on April 7th. This is with Metro Royale: Reunion (bringing balance adjustments to the mode) will be available starting March 28th. Obviously, today’s update is a signal a new season is coming. Cycle 2 Season 5 begins on March 22nd.

So here you got this, PUBG Mobile’s latest update is here, offering a bunch of colorful events in celebration of the game’s 4th anniversary. It is offering a vibe that could be easily compared to Fortnite’s colorful graphics. This article in detail talks about the tip of the iceberg, so if you’re looking for the full changelog, you can find it on PUBG Mobile’s official website.

The new content is here with a boatload of balances and fixes. Let’s not mention here about the looming season starting soon. So if you want to see what’s new, you can install/update the game through the Play Store widget below.

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