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Raj Kundra shares porn videos through WhatsApp, gone arrested



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Raj Kundra arrested – Using forensic analysis, Mumbai’s crime branch said that Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty’s husband, was engaged in pornographic film-making. He has been jailed since Monday night (July 19, 2021).

Shilpa Shetty didn’t turn up for the dance reality show shoot, but there was no rescheduling of any of the shows’ nodes, a source told ETimes TV. Mumbai Police arrested Raj Kundra a few hours back. He allegedly distributed pornographic content on mobile apps.

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More facts in Raj Kundra pornographic Case

Creating pornographic films and distributing them through some apps files with Crime Branch Mumbai in February 2021. Police said – ” Raj Kundra was the key conspirator in this case, on 19/7/21. It supports by sufficient evidence. Please wait a moment while we investigate.”

According to Crime Branch sources, Raj Kundra is a relative of Pradeep Bakshi who lives in the UK. Kenrin Production House is another company he owns in the UK. Pradeep Bakshi is not only Raj Kundra’s relative. He is also the chairman of this company.

According to WhatsApp transcripts between Bakshi and Kundra, Pornographic content was there to make money, and a lot of money is there through gambling. It is a group chat on WhatsApp with other names are also there.

The Hollywood Reporter has reported that Raj Kundra’s PA (personal assistant) Umesh Kamat worked as a representative of Kenrin production house in India, which then facilitated funding for pornographic films by signing contracts with various agencies.
Gehna Vashisht and Umesh Kamat, controversial model-actresses, starred in pornographic films financed by Kenrin Productions. For different types of porn films, they used to receive advance payments from the same company.

Gehna and Kamat used to start making pornographic films after getting advance payments. They sent such content to Kenrin production house via email. As soon as they sent the link, funds were there to their respective accounts.

Hotshot, an app used by young people, uploaded these porn films.
Additionally, the Mumbai Crime Branch also found out that Kenrin Production House is also there in pornography, funding such content through different agents across the country during the investigation of the same pornography case.

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