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Random: This Disc Will Wipe Your Nintendo Wii Clean. You will have no doubt if you’ve used a games console in the past decade. The process of packing it up for resale or donation to another person is a lengthy one.

Nintendo Wii Clean

It’s not the thing simply of unplugging said console and boxing it up for a new lease of life. Most of the modern machines will have game installs, WiFi connection data, and perhaps even personal information. This includes your credit card or bank account – saved to your internal memory.

Therefore, before people give away an old system, you have to say a little prayer to the deity called ‘Factory Reset’, a process which, to the uneducated, is perhaps a little more obtuse than it should be.

Random: This Disc Will Wipe Your Nintendo Wii Clean

Turns out Nintendo thought of this during the Wii era and produced a special disc expressly for this purpose:

The disc was produced, it seems, to aid retail stores who wished to re-sell Wii consoles while at the same time protecting the data of those trading in the machines.

When you think about this particular aspect, it makes a lot of sense. Especially as over 100 million Wii consoles were sold, many of which will have changed hands more than once over the years. This is proof that Nintendo really does think of everything. For more gaming and tech-related stuff subscribe to Techvivi.

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