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In former times,auto-correct generated more concern in our texts and emails than it is fixed. In the present, you can set up an email draft, and Gmail will Finish your sentences and also suggest a subject line – all simulate the way you type. If you don’t like the idea of Google’s artificial intelligence reading so you can write emails. To switch off your Smart Compose, follow the instructions below. Also, I have a list of amazing 5 buried Google settings you should know. Let’s start with instructions:

Smart Compose is customizing, prognostic text feature available to all Gmail users.

This place is an entity many people don’t understand. Google Street View images of your home can be removed. It is a technology also included in google maps and others.

Google to release new Partner badge for those already meeting Feb 2022 requirements

5 buried Google settings you should know

Now you don’t stop. I Have  got a sprinkling of hidden settings  and every Google user should know:

1. Yes, You can work offline

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are excellent ways to collaborate. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can’t work in the present time with something else. But you can work offline and save precious time and also save some changes once you have the connection again.

This place to catch: When you need to turn to an offline approach. Before using it, you must be connected to the internet connection to make those changes.

  • Open the Chrome browser and ensure that you log in with your Google account. Go to

Next, open the drive:

  • Drive
  • Settings.

Now that you’re offline, you’ll see a box where you can create, open, and modify your current Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files on this device. Tick the box. Then, you will save the specific docs you want to work on.

  • Go to Above the Three dots shown then you  Right-click the file you want to save offline.
  • Turn on Available offline.

Once you retrieve the network access, your edits files will be uploaded. Cautious about making the changes beyond multiple devices coincidentally because you could defeat your work.

2. Download everything because Google knows everything  about you

Now, you know how much Google tracks about your interests, your life, your work, your purchases, your contacts, your education system … I could go on.

Google Takeout is telling. What? You may use this tool to export a copy of all of your Google account’s content associations. Anything from your bookmarks to your Google Maps location tracking is included in this file.

Some other particular show sections hold all your email contacts, every YouTube video you have ever seen, and your entire search history. Yes, it can be embarrassing for you.

  • Be sure you sign in to your Google account first, then go to   ​​
  • You want to choose all the data to export.
  • Hit Next step,  A download link via email or have it added to your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, or Box account.
  • Select how frequently you want to receive this (once or twice a month for a year) and the file format you want to receive.
  • Click Create Export. When you will complete the process, you will receive an email.

Do you use Google Maps? Tap or click to reveal a hidden setting as you need to change it right now.

3. Try to remember the email you sent when you were not happy.

Gmail gives you the ability to recall messages. Once more, you must enable this functionality before you require it. I propose setting your cancellation time to the greatest amount of time.

  • select the Settings gear icon > Tap on all settings.
  • Under General, scroll to Undo Send. Select a cancellation time of 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds.

After sending an email, you will now notice “Message sent” and the choice to “Undo” or “View message” in the lower corner of your computer. To cancel the send, click Undo. Your Email will get back to the draft.

4. Try Chrome’s experimental features

I never suggest these experimental versions of software without warning. They can be defective and annoying. When it comes to whole operating systems, I usually advise people to wait for the outcome build. You don’t want an unresolved issue taking your only computer. You can also go for Google’s experimental Gmail additions.

Now, so you’ll have access when the next round of trials is released. Previous versions had the same Undo Send functionality present above.

Start your Gmail on your PC to enable Experimental Access.

  • Click Settings >  Go to all settings at the right corner of screen. Now just scroll down and tap on General  there you will find Experimental Access.
  • Select the Enable experimental access checkbox.

Now click on save changes present at the bottom of the screen.

Right now, Google has other experiments you can try. These are built by innovative developers who employ Chrome, Android, AI, and other technologies to tell a narrative or build something new.

5. Sort through your tabs

If you’re curious like me,  you probably have much too many tabs open at the same time. 

  • Open Chrome. You’ll notice a little arrow pointing down next to your list of tabs. Select the arrow.
  •  Type in a website, keyword, or another searching term.
  •  Select the tab you wish to open or shut by clicking the X.


Some of your most critical business mails may get lost among a stack of other messages, unopened. Gmail is a complete package with a useful menu in the Settings window that allows you to customize the way your messages will display,  many more. 5 buried Google settings that can really help are here.

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