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Microsoft recently revealed news for redesigned Windows 11 file explorer. According to the company. They are adding new capabilities, bringing system wide-improvements and a better experience of video calls on PCs. New features such as cloud-powered file explorers are helpful for saving all files in one place. Users will be able to pin favorite or most used files and can easily access them. Windows brings innovation to facilitate multitasking and the future of hybrid work. The explorer comes with layouts like touch snap which makes it easier to arrange apps on touch-enabled devices.

Redesigned windows 11 File explorer: Primary specifications

Microsoft claims Windows 11 is the most accessible and all-inclusive software of all time. The reason is that comes with some user-friendly tools for a better experience. Features like system-wide captions will help to transcribe all audio of the PC, in addition to web content. It also includes some particular features for people with ADHD to be more efficient. From a point of secrecy, the company added two new tools: Smart App Control and Microsoft Defender Smartscreen. Defender SmartScreen will help you in detecting any malicious website and protects the PC from phishing. Smart app control works on AI to make sure that only trusted applications run on the PC. The best thing about the tool is it automatically blocks suspicious sites and applications.

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The company also announced that they are planning to add some more features in pluton security that will help organizations to retain their registry keys. The newly introduced security tools are the need of the hour chiefly in recent times. An additional feature of the explorer is that one can easily add a file or document to favorites by a right-click. It also allows easy access to files and taps by creating frequently visited folders. In addition to this, according to your need, you can open as many tabs as you want just by clicking on a plus symbol at the window or the top left plus symbol. Most of the features of the explorer are powered by Artificial Intelligence which makes it easy to use and accurate with minimum chances of error. The release date of the features is yet to be announced but they will likely release it very soon.

Final Note:

Microsoft has always been on top when it comes to software, almost every household has a PC and the common software is Microsoft. From school to workspace, windows remained the first choice. It not only comes with creative and innovative features but is affordable also, it is true that the newer version is expensive and cannot be affordable by the middle class but after some time the price falls. In the world of technology, especially after post covid, when the whole world has shifted online, the launch of Windows 11 with such amazing features is a brilliant marketing strategy.


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