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Relive classic Harry Potter game with Minecraft mod. Minecraft is already magical, so it’s no wonder players continue to add new ways to make this much more literal, thanks to clever plugins.
Minecraft and magic have been together several times recently. The most important of these magical mashups is Spellcraft, a free DLC that includes over 20,000 distinct spells and a few brand-new methods to utilize them. But the fan-made Epic Spells Plugin is also worth a look.
I wrote about this plugin in May, which was impressive enough at the time, but development seems to have been going on at a remarkable pace since then. As Morica_ explains in a Reddit post, we’ve added the ability to cast spells without using commands. All you have to do now is change the name of the stick to “magic wand” and then sneak a symbol in the air.
The video shows some spells and the ability to bind them freely into different movements. It all feels very esoteric, it’s the atmosphere that absolutely all magic should aim for. Morica_ describes other potential features of the plugin in various comments throughout the post, but there’s something that really stands out.
When asked about the possibility of creating custom spells, Morica_ said, “Yes! This probably won’t happen in the next few months, but I really want something like this. Basically, spells are already in the game. It’s a bit easier to customize because it uses what’s in. This may be a great way to survive the Hogwarts heritage without buying a game.
Have you ever seen an impressive Mi Alliance mod that basically turns your game into Total War in other Minecraft news?

The reason Microsoft make an end to Minecraft’s NFT games

Microsoft blocks Minecraft blockchain and NFT access.
Technical turmoil occurs slowly and all at once. However, new technologies are becoming a threat and there may be simple warning signs that established companies cannot ignore.
I saw one of these signs yesterday when Microsoft (MSFT -1.69%) Minecraft banned in-game non-fungible tokens (NFTs). There are no signs that they will be left behind. Not only did this destroy some of the NFT projects built on Minecraft, but one announcement made a very compelling claim to the NFT.

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