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Roblox, FIFA, and Minecraft contain cyber threats. If you use Minecraft, Roblox, Need for Speed, FIFA, GTA, or COD frequently, you discovered malware or undesirable files associated with these titles between early July 2021 and late June 2022 You may be among the 384,224.

A recent report from cybersecurity giant Kaspersky reviews cyber threat data transmitted by users and narrows the scope to PC and mobile gaming. Researchers investigated the prevalence of negative files and avoided software associated with specific titles and the number of users shot by those files.

Game with the most unique malicious files

The game with the most unique malicious files and affected users was Minecraft. Kaspersky found 23,239 of his malicious files related to the world’s best-selling games, and over the years he affected 131,005 users.

The exact games were on the list displaying how many users were thrashed using each game as bait, with Need for Speed and GTA in the top five.

Minecraft has the undesired title of being the game with considerable undesirable files and affected users, but in reality, those numbers are down 36% and 30% respectively from last year. This could be related to the easing of lockdowns during the period.

Downloaders, typically used to download other threats to infected devices, remain the most common unwanted file type, accounting for 88.5% of cases. Adware (4.2%) and Trojans (3%) followed.

Kaspersky warned users not to download games from untrusted sources. Minecraft can be safely downloaded here. It also warns you to be extra careful when acquiring mods and cheats. The latter often harbors malware, as was the case with his famous CoD: Warzone cheat last year. The company found 3,154 distinctive files of his distributed as a cheat program, affecting 13,689 users. Counter-Strike: Global Offense had the most files of this type, and Need for Speed had the most affected users.

Malicious crypto miners, also known as cryptojackers, are a type of malware that first became popular a few years ago. Then continue to infect unsuspecting victims despite plummeting cryptocurrency prices. I’m here. Surprisingly, the Far Cry series contained the most relevant files and affected users in the field.

Kaspersky ends with its usual suggestions on how to defend yourself from these threats. Enable two-factor authentication wherever conceivable, and use uncommon passwords (preferably a password manager). Also, download from authorized platforms and websites, and beware of phishing emails.

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