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Roblox First Game – How to make your first game in Roblox



Roblox First Game

Roblox First Game – Our last few weeks have been spent discussing some of the best apps and games Roblox has to offer. There are dozens of games to choose from, including Mario games, zombie games, Pokemon games, or even games about becoming your favorite superhero. Most of these games were created by players and users like you. We need to change gears now.

How about opening up Roblox Studio and making your games instead of playing ones that other people have made? That’s all there is to it! You don’t need any previous game creation experience or knowledge to jump into Roblox and begin creating a game that’s fun to play.

Roblox Studio: How to Get Started

The Roblox Studio is the interface you’ll use to create everything you’ve ever dreamed of. You can build worlds, create game models, upload objects to a database, and even enroll in tutorials and resources created explicitly by the Roblox Corporation to help you get the most out of the program.

Roblox Studio should look something like the image above when it is first opened. Using this main menu, you can select a template (or if you don’t want to start with one) and then cycle through the tabs at the top to create worlds based on either themes or gameplay, such as Western or Suburban.

Roblox first game has many different types of Obby games that are simple and fun. In these types of games, players run and jump to avoid hazards and other level areas while navigating 3D obstacle courses. The games are sort of like platformers in the Mario and Sonic vein.

Let’s keep things simple with our first game, and Obby, in this tutorial.

Game Development: Making Your First One

Pick a template from Obby and upload it. You will see an interface similar to the image above. The central area of the interface is your playable environment, where buttons can be clicked, objects can be dragged, and you can modify your world. Try not to get too overwhelmed by everything going on inside Roblox Studio.

Templates have the primary mechanics already in place, so the core is already there. As you travel along, you must consider hazards along the way as well as your starting point and endpoint. There are a few simple changes you can make to make this your own.

To start with, let’s switch the time of day to night so that the sky background is nighttime. If you click Lighting, that should bring up a new window below called Properties – Lighting on the right side of the Explorer column. There are a lot of numbers on the light. After that, scroll to the bottom of the Data section and look where it says TimeOfDay and a time. The time is in military time, so any time you wish to use will need to be in 24-hour format. It would then be 2 AM and dark with a few twinkling stars in mine, for example.

Next, click on a few floating squares in the game environment menu. You can easily and quickly change the color of a field in the Edit section by using the Color option. Create new platforms by copying and pasting them and then dragging them around the environment. Don’t forget to add new red squares as well! You need to avoid these in your game, and they add a challenge.

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