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Roblox Studio PS4 and PS5 versions make perfect sense, says CEO



Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio Here, we have to admit that we don’t understand Roblox. Sure, we get Minecraft, and Fortnite enthralls us, but Roblox? That’s beyond us. Nonetheless, despite our limited knowledge, news of it coming to PlayStation consoles is worth reporting, even though it’s one of the most popular games on the market right now.
GameSpot reports that Roblox CEO Dave Baszucki said: “Switch, PlayStation, Quest — all of these platforms make perfect sense for Roblox.” It is a little strange that there isn’t even a PS4 version of Roblox, though.

Reddit and Roblox may look a lot alike in future

Despite having been around since 2006 on PC, it was only ported to Xbox One in late 2015, and there are no mobile versions. The game may be available exclusively on Microsoft’s consoles, but it seems odd that a game this popular isn’t available on other platforms, too.
Until June 2020, Roblox had 150 million active monthly players. Yeah, this is one of those games that is quietly absolutely massive.

More on Roblox Studio by CEO

Roblox Studio, if you’re unfamiliar, allows users to make their games. A lot of players can join together to build and play, making it unique to an MMO.
PC, mobile, and Xbox One versions are available, and a beta version was released in 2015. The publishers have quietly expanded the game since then.
There are more than 50 million active ‘experiences’ from players, and they have been increasing exponentially since August 2019. As of July 2019, it had over 150 million monthly active users, up from 100 million two years ago.

Their software has designed to be implemented on mobile devices, tablets, computers, and Xbox consoles. It shows developers that they can use content that runs on all devices. It translates into multiple languages, and be sent to our cloud.
Roblox would be great on Switch, PlayStation, Quest, all of these platforms at some time in future.”
Roblox has already offered VR support on PC since 2016, of course. The VR headset even allows users to create their games. Quest, however, would inevitably be a challenge and limiting in power due to the platform’s limitations.

It might be possible to take a similar approach to VRChat, allowing users to build for both platforms without allowing content that grows too large or requires too much Quest.
Despite not offering any additional information regarding possible ports, Baszucki stating that this was a “logical platform” for the game.

It’s worth noting that the PlayStation version of the game may include support for either PSVR or the new PS5 VR headset.

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