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Samsung announces Space Tycoon, Roblox’s virtual playground. Space Tycoon will be accessible in 14 languages at launch. Space Station Samsung (KS: 005930) made its debut at the Roblox Metaverse.

Users play as aliens in order to explore brand-new products with hints.

With Space Tycoon launching at Roblox Metaverse, Samsung is preparing for an unforgettable debut in Web 3.0. The users have the opportunity to learn more about the manufacturing of products and various other business ventures in space.

Samsung space station is now available

Game players are aliens trying to find hints and solve puzzles to invent brand new products. Players have a number of opportunities to be creative and make the products they find into unorthodox ones. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip becomes a helicopter, and the smart TV turns into a hoverboard when you press the right button.

The Roblox-based virtual sandbox is divided into three different areas:

  • Mining Zone-A special area for procuring resources and constructing new items within the Metaverse. Here, the player can use 2D assets. For example, you can use and modify a real Samsung mobile phone in the Metaverse. Players can change colors and add features.
  • Shop-All items accessible in the game are stored in this zone. Initially, 20 Samsung items will be listed in the shop based on the tier system. Detailed Description: In some cases, the color pattern of the presented digital item will change depending on the player’s level.
  • Laboratories – Last but not least, laboratories are where all new inventions take place. Once the player has collected the required materials from the mining zone and stored them, the lab is where magic can finally occur.

Samsung digs deeper into Web 3.0

Roblox has frequently been one of Gen Z’s major metaverse games, informing that Samsung prefers the platform. Metaverse has already proved its value to Spotify (NYSE: SPOT). Which just joined a popular game a few months ago. The number one music streaming platform has released Spotify Island on Roblox, an initiative aimed at connecting independent artists and fans. Starbucks (NASDAQ: SBUX) also participated in this action, before its own version of the “3. Platts” concept.

Jinsoo Kim, Executive Vice President of the Samsung Electronics (OTC: SSNLF) Corporate Design Center, explained Samsung’s decision to target Gen Z viewers: “We wanted to give Gen Z customers the opportunity to experience Samsung products in an unprecedented way. Going forward, we will continue to provide content that can provide more meaningful and enjoyable digital experiences to our current and future customers. ”

In late June, flagship technology giant Samsung Electronics surprised the world of cryptocurrencies with the announcement of the development of a 3nm chip. Innovative hardware allows users to mine Bitcoin (BTC) and other cryptocurrencies on their mobile devices without the need for dedicated hardware. Ultimately, this could accelerate the adoption of cryptography in the retail industry. In addition to the tech giant Web3.0 Push, Samsung SmartTV now supports NFTs.

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