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There are speculations that a new Samsung Tri-fold tablet could soon come out after the release of Samsung Galaxy Fold 3. According to sources, this device is still in its development stage. The device is allegedly called The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab. The name might change after its release. Currently, two types of foldable phones are being sold by the company. These include Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. Both of them are available with a single hinge.

Teaser for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab is expected to be seen during the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip3 launch event in early August.

The information was first provided by a tipster Yogesh and was reported by Gizmo china.

There are no final expectations for the look of the tablet as of now. It might look like a book or a pamphlet design with multiple layers.

Features of Samsung Tri-fold Tablet

The tablet supposedly has two hinges and three folding segments. This pattern is similar to the TCLZ shaped model. As the device is being identified as a tablet, it is not clear if it will be able to fold to become small enough to look like a phone. There is also no surety whether it would have mobile connectivity or not. The device is expected to have ultra-thin glass (UTG). It is better than the current generation displays on the Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold 2. A Bluetooth-enabled version of the S Pen stylus is expected to be supported by the tab. Both the features of UTG and Bluetooth enabled S pen stylus will arrive first with the much hyped Z Fold 3. The device can also have a 5G connectivity. 

These features might be a little different in the final product as it is still in the development stage.

Partnership With Olympus

Another possible feature is its camera partnership with iconic camera brand Olympus. There are also claims that  the cameras delivered by Olympus may debut in either a special edition Galaxy Fold or the flagship Galaxy S22 Ultra. This partnership can serve to provide a key feature to the new Samsung tri-fold tab.


The first generation of Galaxy Fold ran into plenty of debates. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was, however, better in terms of durability. This new device can be a fruitful addition to Samsung foldable devices. The  information about its release is ,however, obtained from a tipster and thus cannot be fully believed. The way in which Samsung will approach the foldable tablet format would be interesting to see. As per Yogesh, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab could be teased at Samsung Galaxy Z launch The Fold 3 and / or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 launch event is said to have taken place in August 2021 before finally being released in Q1 2022. The release of the phone would be a key highlight for 2022.

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