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Samsung and Apple continue to have a rivalry that keeps the world of technology on its toes. A strategy that previously worked for Samsung to announce its new Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone was to release a video mocking Apple (actually several of them). It turned out that the marketing didn’t work out as planned, as evidenced by the criticism of internet users. Earlier this week, Samsung published videos comparing its new device with the iPhone 12 Pro Max on its YouTube channel.

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Both clips illustrate the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s hybrid zoom with the phrase, “Are you close enough?” Combining its cameras can increase the size of a photo 100 times while maintaining its quality and sharpness. To demonstrate the technology, moon shots, and a sandwich was used. 

What’s more in Samsung and Apple war?

According to Samsung, the third video demonstrates a feature that Apple devices do not have: simultaneous video and photo shooting.

The criticism of Samsung’s comparison in social media was harsh. 

Here are some comments left about the Korean company in the video comments:

  • Dear Samsung, as a long-time user, I ask you to stop making fun of Apple (and any other company) as you have done now and in the past. It is unprofessional, and I cannot take you seriously when you do it.”
  • I think it’s crazy that all companies try to attack Apple in their ads… They always try to prove that they are better than Apple as if they are aware Apple is superior. It’s pathetic. Come on, Samsung.”
  • Samsung brand ambassadors caught with iPhones were just as embarrassing as these desperate advertisements.

It has been years since Samsung and Apple fueled their rivalry by claiming to have the best smartphone on the market and picking on each other so many times.

Nevertheless, the Galaxy manufacturers had to recant the last time they challenged the iPhone. Two months after Samsung announced that the iPhone 12 would not include a charger or headphones, they had to remove the posts when their new Galaxy S21s did not contain such accessories.

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