Samsung wants to make sure nobody’s tracking you with its SmartTags

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Users will soon be able to use Samsung’s SmartThings Find Service to scan unknown Galaxy SmartTags trackers. This is a move to ensure the safety of Samsung Galaxy’s users. This feature is called the Unknown Tag Search. It is also important for privacy of Tile-like tracking devices. The feature will come to the Samsung SmartThings app by next week on the upgraded version. The users will be able to ensure that no unknown person is tracking them with a hidden SmartTag.

Use of Unknown Tag Search

Users would be able to tag any unknown SmartTags trackers in their nearby area very easily. They can also scan any hidden SmartTag that any other person has attached to their belongings like purses, bags, books, etc. This will ensure that no one is tracking them with a hidden SmartTag without their knowledge. 

Samsung SmartThings Find and SmartTags

Samsung SmartThings Find was introduced in October 2020 to help users locate their Galaxy phones. At present, the network has about 70 million users. This is only 10% of 700 million Galaxy users. The company called it “one of the fastest-growing location services in the world.” 

Samsung SmartTag is a battery powered device. Users can attach it to things like a wallet, backpack etc. If someone loses an item, they can use the SmartThings Find app to search for that. The gauge on the screen will help them know how close they are to the item.

Samsung SmartThings, Samsung’s Assistant 

In its announcement, Samsung also mentioned its assistant. Its assistant, Bixby will be able to find SmartTags. Bixby would be capable of finding a SmartTag that someone has put on a certain item and named it. Users would just have to ask Bixby about the item. They would be able to find the item they have put the tag on. It enables a hands free search for named SmartTags. This is only possible when we attach a SmartTag to the item.

Apple as a Competitor 

According to rumors, Apple is soon going to introduce AirTags. Apple accidentally mentioned AirtTags in an official feature video. AirTags are small tracking tiles with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to find lost items. Apple also has a feature in its iOS 14.5 beta quite similar to Unknown Tag Search. This will serve as a competition to Samsung’s new feature, Samsung Unknown Tag  Search. 

Final Note

This would be a big win for the privacy, security and safety of Samsung Galaxy users. It would give an edge to the company over others even though Apple seems to be a competition. These two features will be the key highlights for  Samsung in the coming week. Both these features including Bixby and Unknown tags Search will require the updated version of SmartThings app.


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