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Samsung has been a prominent part of Chrome OS from its beginnings. It continues to offer excellent Chromebooks. Therefore, Choosing a company is an important aspect of finding the ideal laptop. Samsung Chromebook is most fit to your requirements and budget. Now it may be working on an affordable convertible Chromebook. The new Chromebook is for the affordable market, and it appears to feature convertible capabilities. As per SamMobile, confirmation of the creation of this new gadget is there in Chromium Archives under the codename “Bugzzy.”

The forthcoming Samsung Chromebook is likely to be lit by an Intel Jasper Lake processor and appears to have a reasonable price.  The smartphone will also have a display resolution of 2560 by 1600 pixels, that is unusual for a cheap device.


Furthermore, the report claims that the device’s design has a “quirk” that points to “a specific variety of panel than a clamshell.” Therefore, this “odd” design hints that the Bugzzy will be accessible as a Chromebook. Several brands have been using similar terms to describe products that may or may not have a foldable or 2-in-1 design. This implies that the next Samsung Bugzzy will be a convertible Chromebook with a touchpad. One can also be convert it into a Chrome-based device.

There are several high-end Chromebooks available in the market that are powerful devices. They provide the perfect mix in many respects, with strong hardware, light software, and all users require for web-based tasks. All you need is to make a decision wisely.


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