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Google says it will address the ghostly screen flickering. As some customers have reported witnessing it; when hitting the Pixel 6 Pro’s power button when the phone is totally turned off.

Most reports indicate that the flickers don’t occur when the phone’s screen is simply turned off, since they would if it were sleeping, however at least one individual claims that it has occurred when the phone was turned on and in use. The problem occurs when the power button is pressed “with modest pressure but not enough to turn the Pixel 6 Pro on,” according to Google.

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Google’s Statement for Screen flickering problem

According to a Google support article for the problems, a solution will be available in a December software upgrade, and you may avoid it by avoiding pushing the power switch when the phone is turned off.

When it may be seen as a “you’re holding it wrong” directive, it’s difficult to conceive why you’d need to push the power button repeatedly while the phone is turned off. In other words, the firm informs consumers that it is their responsibility and that they most likely do not understand how to charge a smartphone.

Final Note

Screen flickering does not indicate that the device has a hardware defect, according to Google’s support article. That’s terrific news because prior Google phones, such as the Pixel 2 XL. They had strange display difficulties all through the majority of their lifespan. But it should not be the scenario with the 6 Pro if the problem can be fixed in programming.

While most users are unlikely to have encountered the “transient display artifacts,” as Google describes them. It’s still good to see that they’re being rectified. This should make it easier for individuals who use their phone’s buttons as fidget toys. So as to have a less irritating experience.

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