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Nearby Share is one of the best nifty file-sharing features. It also displays a list of Android phones and Chrome OS devices to share the content. It is an amazing feature which is the Android version of AirDrop,  and enables you to do quick file transfers across devices. This is now enabled to Chromebooks, which allows users to share files not just across smartphones but also across a larger array of PCs and tablets. Chrome OS is likely to get a similar extension that will be great for users with having a lot of devices in their homes. As per the reports Google is focusing on a Self Share feature for Chromebooks and other devices. The tool, “Nearby Sharing Self Share” is currently under development — this is also a mention in the Chromium Gerrit. Till now it is not accessible in any public Chrome OS edition.

 New Self Share feature for Chrome OS 

This feature works exactly what its name suggests. It will enable you to effortlessly share files and media to other Nearby Share-enabled devices. So, when this feature is functional, user can seamlessly share files from the devices like an Android smartphone, tablet, and other Chrome OS-powered PCs. When the feature is available, there will be a new “Send to Your Devices” option.

This feature will reduces the need to email essential files or save them to Google Drive in order to view them from any device. The file transmission process will be simplified once again, much as in the Apple ecosystem.

The self share feature is under developing stage. Google is likely to include it as an experimental flag in a future Chrome OS Canary edition. However, it can take up to months to appear in the stable release. This all is due to the reason that Google will need to fix issues and test the feature prior releasing it to the public.

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