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Send multiple photos and videos at one time via Google Chat. Google has moved out a unique component that allows users to transmit numerous photos and videos.

This segment is currently open on all iOS devices and is moving out to Android devices as well.

Google Chat’s media selector allows users to select and send up to 20 photos or videos at once

Google introduced the knowledge to transmit multiple photos and videos at once through chat.

You can directly choose multiple images or videos at once when transmitting a note in Google Chat.

This quality is currently unrestricted on all iOS devices and is rumbling out to Android devices as well.

“You can connect files up to 200 MB directly from your computer, mobile device, or Google Drive to your Google Chat messages,” the tech company says in an update.

Google Chat’s media picker allows users to select and send up to 20 photos or videos at once.

The tech giant previously announced that he is beginning to migrate users to Chat for free personal hangouts.

The company says users who want to keep a copy of their Hangouts data will use Google Data Export to download the data before Hangouts goes offline this November.

According to Google, the move to Google Chat will allow users to edit documents, slides, or sheets side by side, making it easier to collaborate while keeping the conversation going. It also includes Spaces, a place dedicated to topic-based collaboration.

New languages in Smart replies in Google Chats

Smart Reply has been on Google Chat for 4 years. However, it has always supported English. Now Google has added 3 more languages ​​(Spanish, Portuguese, and French) to this feature. Users don’t have to worry about anything. Google says the app can understand the language you’re typing in and respond quickly.

If you want to use Smart Reply, make sure Smart Reply is enabled by going to the app settings, going to the gear icon, and ticking Enable Smart Reply for the web and desktop. it needs to be checked. However, in the web version of Chat, Smart Reply only works in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and French. As such, users may have to wait a while for this feature to become available on their smartphones.

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