Shopping feature in Edge 91

Shopping feature in Edge 91 – Microsoft is releasing a shopping feature in Edge 91 today as scheduled. Build, the company’s developer conference, confirmed the release earlier this week. We’ve been planning its release for months as well.

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Edge will soon be Windows 10’s fastest browser, according to Microsoft’s announcements at Build. In truth, Edge took pride in its homegrown status. Redmond’s company has had to find ways to distinguish itself from Chrome since it is built on Chromium.
Tabs that have been inactive for a while are not consuming memory, thanks to the Sleeping Tabs feature. In Edge 91, the memory saving feature is improved to offer up to 82%. Startup Boost, meanwhile, runs the startup processes in the background for a faster startup.

What more we will get with the shopping feature in Edge 91?

When you use Microsoft Edge, you probably notice the built-in coupon feature. A notification will appear when you purchase something, notifying you that you have 10 (or however many) potential coupons available. When you say yes, it simply goes through the list to see if you want them applied to your order. Microsoft has indeed been immensely helpful in getting users discounts on shopping.

Adding Bing Rebates to the shopping feature in Edge 91 is now possible. Microsoft Rewards members will get cashback on purchases made at more than 300 retail stores when they sign in. As seen in the image above, you’ll see a blue box you can click to access the offer.
Another feature of the application is its ability to show you a product’s price history. I believe it pretty much self-explains when to buy something.

Microsoft Edge 91 improves Microsoft Edge’s goal of being the world’s best browser for online shopping. But, of course, a web browser’s primary purpose is shopping online, so this is not surprising.
Also new is the ability to customize the theme of your browser. It’s already possible to download themes from Add-ons, but now you can select colors and other settings. To get started, visit Settings -> Appearance.

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